Top 10 Albums of the Year 2019

Having listened to 754 albums over the course of 2019, it’s taken me awhile to work out my top 10 albums of the year. But after crunching the numbers and ordering the list, I’ve determined my top 10 albums for 2019.

#10: FKA TWIGS – Magdalene

It’s been a few years between albums for FKA Twigs, but Magdalene proved she wasted no time during this period. The beats we all know and love are back, coupled with a more mature, intense voice.
Choice Track: Fallen Alien

#9: KATE TEMPEST – The Book of Traps and Lessons

Relevant. Relatable. Powerful. The Book of Traps and Lessons is a statement against our turbulent times, highlighting the true reason it’ll be alright in the end – human love and compassion.
Choice Track: Firesmoke


I started 2019 by seeing this man’s DJ set at the Adelaide Fringe, and boy did it start the year off right! His second album Crush was created on a custom synth setup, and shows his mastery of soft melodies and powerful beats
Choice Track: Sea-Watch

#7: FREYA RIDINGS – Freya Ridings

A breakout year for this English songstress, with a killer Glastonbury set and a top 50 single, capped off with an excellent first album. While Adele may not be releasing any new music any time soon, Freya Ridings is more than capable of filling the void.
Choice Track: Castles

#6: LOYLE CARNER – Not Waving But Drowning

Another artist with a brilliant Glastonbury set, Carner’s second album sees him continue his thoughtful, honest hip hop. Brilliantly produced and lyrically sharp as a knife, Carner will get you grooving and get you thinking.
Choice Track: Ottolenghi

#5: SWIMMING TAPES – Morningside

I’m really surprised these guys aren’t more well known. Morningside is the perfect summertime record – slow enough to be smooth by the pool, but upbeat enough to set the mood at a barbie. If you see this in a record store, pick it up!
Choice Track: It Gets Old

#4: CHEMICAL BROTHERS – No Geography

I was fully expecting this album to go on the heap of ’90s artist’s new rubbish album’, but to my surprise, it may be one of their best efforts. Mixed as a full ‘set’ (all tracks connect to each other), No Geography is a hark back to their 90s hayday, with some absolute bangers.
Choice Track: Got To Keep On

#3: KING GIZZARD THE LIZARD WIZARD – Fishing for Fishies

Continuing their constant evolution, the first album the Melbourne band released this year was a throwback to 70s AM Rock. As always, they nail it – there’s barely a bad track on the album, and was easily slot alongside anything the Eagles or Fleetwood Mac ever released.
Choice Track: Fishing for Fishies

#2: KING GIZZARD THE LIZARD WIZARD – Infest the Rat’s Nest

Yes. Two Gizzard albums in the same list. This album turns to heavy metal, which they’ve used to channel all of their rage about the current climate crisis and wealth inequality, whilst still maintaining that brilliant musicianship and Gizzard charm.
Choice Track: Planet B

#1: BILLIE EILISH – When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?

I mean, who else was it going to be? This album blew me away on the first listen – there’s venom in her lyrics, beats that’ll bust a boombox and enough catchy hooks to suspend you from the floor.
Choice Track: Bad Guy

So that’s my Top 10 Albums for 2019! Do you agree with my list – did I miss anything obvious? Would love to hear from you if I missed something that made your Top 10.

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