Artist Spotlight: Polo & Pan

The French duo launched their first world tour last year, after gaining huge momentum from their debut album, Caravelle. Since most of their previous dates had only been in Europe, I immediately took the opportunity to see them in the US. I discovered the duo on a whim a couple years back, when their album came out in 2017. Prior to this, they had made 3 EPs filled with timeless classics in those as well. However, I consider Caravelle to be a masterpiece of electronic music, unique samples, and tender vocals.

Caravelle takes the listener on a hedonistic journey. Polo & Pan hypnotize audiences with their rhythm and sound. The rhythm of dance energizes nearly every song, making it almost impossible to not groove along. The clever and various sample choices, such as bossa nova and samba in “Zoom Zoom” and “Canopée”, bring in more unique elements to the average ear.

The sampled vocals that (to me) chant meaningless nonsense in Nãnã, fill me with joy and passion. As a monolingual American, it is easy to lose myself to their music. While I may not understand the lyrics, I find the meaning and tone in the music itself. The rhythms and melodies they craft speak to us all.

Polo & Pan’s music fuses a hedonistic human experience into a globally coherent form of music. The show they put on in Atlanta last November could not have been any more rewarding. I danced my ass off, and I definitely wasn’t the only one. The lavish, wild life that Caravelle depicts is a certainly a theme that can be related to and enjoyed by anyone. For a good time, check out the deluxe version of their Caravelle album on any streaming service of your choice!

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