5 Must-See Acts at BUKU Fest 2020

Spring is upon us, and with the changing seasons comes festivals! However, if you happen to be monitoring the biggest and best, you can find yourself side swept by headliners only, missing out on key players that make the experience of a festival so memorable.

The weekend of March 20th, the 8th annual BUKU Music + Art Project will be returning to New Orleans, and the stage is set for it to be one for the ages. If you’re looking for the ultimate festival experience, look no further as I touch on 5 must-see artists gracing the stages in the Big Easy. From punk to house to hip hop, these artists are guaranteed to keep the energy high and the vibes good!


Turnstile is a hardcore punk band from Baltimore, and while their sound is a callback to the New York hardcore of the 90’s, their energy is so fresh and exciting that you’re guaranteed a good time by seeing them. They’ve been kickin’ out the jams for just over a decade, and their ferocity seems to only be increasing. They’re not an act to be missed.

Channel Tres

Channel Tres is a smooth mic controller, and his music is a glorious mixture of danceable grooves and retro club bangers. His songs blend call and response in a way that maximizes audience participation to create a truly immersive mood. Bass-heavy, booty shakin’ songs are bountiful, and you won’t be able to keep your feet from tapping during his set.

Space Jesus

All wubs are welcome at Space Jesus’ set. Jasha Tull incorporates classic dubstep tropes into a heady blend that’s capable of lifting you off the ground and sending you into orbit. I mean c’mon, with a name like Space Jesus, it’s no wonder his music sounds so out of this world. Don’t miss this eclectic, cerebral set of dubstep-tinged bangers.


SVDDEN DEATH is here to melt off whatever face you have left with his absolutely pummeling collection of brain-rattling bops. His songs explode with such a punk tenacity that it’s hard to believe just one man is responsible for these tracks. The song linked here, “Behemoth”, is the ultimate earth-shatterer, and is hopefully enough to show you just what kind of punches he’s packing.


Daaaaamn Peggy! It’s no secret that I love Jpegmafia a lot, with his new album All My Heroes are Cornballs even earning a review from me on Mic Drop. His ability to blend confrontational bars, off the wall production, and genuine heart-wrenching emotion makes him an artist not to miss. His song “Free the Frail” is the perfect example of how unique his brand of noise rap is, and shows how Peggy is truly the future of hip hop.

I know it can be hard choosing between festivals, especially when ticket prices can be hella expensive. However, if you need the ultimate festival incorporating incredible music of all sorts, BUKU Fest is where it’s at.

Headlining artists include Tyler, the Creator, Flume, and Illennium, with run the Jewels and Glass Animals supporting. Here’s the lineup poster in it’s entirety. Get tickets here!

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