Doja Cat “MOOO’ed” her way to Billboard’s Hot 100

Before Tik Tok stardom, Doja Cat’s name became known due to her song “Mooo!” on YouTube.

The LA-born rapper and songwriter has climbed her way to stardom with just two studio albums under her belt. Signed by RCA records in 2014, Doja Cat has transformed from viral sensation to household name in the music world.

Much of her success can be attributed to the new and addicting app, Tik Tok. Tik Tok has helped many influencers and songs become viral due to the amount of social media traffic it receives. I, myself, have refrained from downloading the app simply because I have heard personal testimony of how addictive it is.

Back in November of 2019, Doja Cat released another viral hit. From her second studio album Hot Pink, “Say So” now has its own hashtag on Tik Tok. “Say So” made Billboard’s Hot 100 at #95, as well as “Juicy”, which is at #48 as of January 21st. Although I don’t have a Tik Tok, I do know that people will post short choreographed dances to the current popular songs. Doja’s song is coupled with a viral dance that people can be seen performing in the YouTube compilation below.

Other than these two viral songs, Doja Cat has truly grown since the first time I listened to her. I have known Doja Cat since her SoundCloud days when she released “No Police” and “So High”. These songs are now available on Spotify, but back in 2014 they were only available on the SoundCloud app.

One thing we can observe from singers/songwriters who are initially independent is that once they sign to a big label, their sound begins to slightly evolve. For some, this transformation is for the better, but others may not agree. When it comes to Doja Cat, she still manages to give us the music that she has been known for – providing listeners with that neo-soul, e-girl vibe. We love Doja Cat because she makes us feel sexy and confident. Listen to Hot Pink if you haven’t already. Doja Cat will release your inner Purrr!

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