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Get to Know Grammy Nominee Sofi Tukker Before Okeechobee Fest

Interview with Grammy Nominee Sofi Tukker

This NYC duo’s feet don’t touch the ground. From performing on Jimmy Fallon last month, to kicking off an international tour, to being the featured track in the latest Apple commercial. Oh, and did we forget they were nominated for a “Best Dance Recording” Grammy in 2017? We caught up with them just in time for you to catch their set, at Okeechobee Fest on March 4th.

Q: So, the name Sofi Tukker is a combination of both of your names, (Sophie and Tucker). How did this duo come together, do you guys go way back?

A: We met our last year of college. We were both playing at an art gallery. Sophie was playing bossa nova music with a trio and Tuck was the DJ that night. He came early, saw Sophie play, ended up remixing one of her songs on the spot, and we haven’t stopped working since!

Q: Your song “Best Friend” was featured in the Apple commercial revealing the iPhone X, did you experience an immediate boom in popularity after it aired?

A: We definitely received a lot more “I just heard your song!” texts!!

Q: EDM Legends “Nervo” are also featured on the track, what was it like working with them? What did they bring to the track?

A: They are good friends. It happened really organically. They manage Alisa Ueno, so we initially sent it to them to get Alisa on the track and then they ended up liking it and singing a verse as well! We love working with them and are always inspired by their enthusiasm!

Q: I get the feeling you guys like to play around with your sound. For instance, you released your Grammy nominated song “Drinkee”, and the lyrics are entirely in Portuguese, what’s the story behind that?

A: Sophie is really obsessed with Brazilian Portuguese. It’s such a beautiful language and on that song and a couple others, we collaborated with the Brazilian poet Chacal.

Q: It seems as if you guys are celebrating a lot of international success, as you’ll be touring around Europe and the US for the next few months. Is the internet/social media to thank for that?

A: Who knows! We are so grateful to be able to tour all around the world and meet and get to learn from so many different people.

Q: For someone unfamiliar with your music, what’s one song of yours you’d play for them, to really understand who Sofi Tukker is?

A: Hmm…. they all explain such different sides of us!

Q: We look forward to seeing you at Okeechobee Festival! Any expectations going into the festival since it’s your first year?

A: We are really looking forward to it. We love Florida and we love festivals!! Sophie is also going to be doing a collaboration with the Big Quiet. It’s really exciting that a major music festival is also going to do a mass meditation.

Get to Know Grammy Nominee Sofi Tukker Before Okeechobee Fest
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Get to Know Grammy Nominee Sofi Tukker Before Okeechobee Fest
We caught up with Sofi Tukker in this interview.
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