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Demo Taped is like Chance the Rapper… Only Funkier

Demo Taped: Chance the Rapper… Only Funkier

Mic Drop Music got the chance to listen to Atlanta based R&B artist Demo Taped’s new EP “Momentary“, before it premieres exclusively on February 23rd via 300 Entertainment. At only 19 years old, he’s on the verge to super stardom. With over 7,000,000 streams for Pack of Gum on Spotify, and dubbed a Top 20 under 20 artist, you’ll remember this name. Demo Taped, AKA Adam Alexander, used music as a tool to cope with his anxiety, a major theme on this EP. Yet, he created in such a way you often forget the subject matter is so dark. Enjoy this five track piece riddled with funky, synthy, gospel-esque beats and lyrics that will touch your soul.

Insecure- Literally 0:04 seconds into this track I paused, and thought, wow I’m getting major Coloring Book vibes. Gospel is sprinkled in all the right places. It picks up and slows down right when it needs to. I was very impressed by how his vulnerable lyrics, considering his age. The song addresses his insecurities in both himself and his relationship.

Chemical (Blue)- This song comes in with a much different sound than the first, a more synthy/electric beat. The contrast between the horns, beats, and choir create a mood that puts you at ease. This is the kind of song to put on your “wake up” playlist. The rhythm is chill enough for early mornings, yet upbeat enough to get you feelin’ good.

Own It- We get to experience more vocal range on this track. The lyrics are clearly very personal and well written. Demo Taped carries a similar funky tone as the previous track “Chemical”, with more of a dancey rhytmn. This is definitely a song you can rock to.

Pack of Gum- The song opens with over 0:40 seconds of pure beats, and not just beats, but outer space/other worldly/sci-fi beats. The synths are so enjoyable you almost don’t realized nearly a minute has passed with no lyrics. My only complaint would be that the beats slightly overpower his voice, in verses besides the chorus. With a voice this solid and lyrics so personal, there’s no reason for overbearing beats. Around 3:20 things get really experimental and we’re introduced to an Asian inspired sound. There’s a lot going on in this track, but it somehow works for me.

Winter Soon- This is the darkest sound of an overall funky, upbeat EP; but I think it’s my favorite. Demo Taped’s voice really comes through in a stripped down, slowed down, personal track. It’s not one you can groove to like the others, but more one you can feel. The EP ends on a very zen note with a lot of heart.

Overall rating: 4.5/5 stars

Demo Taped is available for streaming on Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud, and Pandora.

Demo Taped: Chance the Rapper... Only Funkier
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Demo Taped: Chance the Rapper... Only Funkier
Mic Drop Music got the chance to listen to Atlanta based R&B artist Demo Taped's new EP "Momentary.
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Mic Drop Music
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