Mountain Mover Gives Us Our Dopamine Fix


Mountain Mover is enjoying a successful 2019 with two different singles leading up to their most recent release, ‘Dopamine’. The five track EP is Mountain Mover’s largest release to-date and it showcases the true passion that we love to hear from them. If you need help finding a band to fill the void caused by the breakup of Casey, this is your band.

Mountain Mover cuts deep with their emotion filled clean and raw vocals, heavy riffs, and their luminescent breakdowns. The EP consists of five tracks that are each wonderfully produced and fit the mold of the Dopamine title. Listening brings a sense of Dopamine to us, but also shows us what it can feel like when we’re deficient of it. High tempos, low tempos, or minimalistic soundscapes throughout this work bring us a pure mix of Mountain Mover’s craft.

We have kept close tabs on the band since our interview last year, and it was an absolute pleasure to see them continue to finish off the EP, piece by piece. The band shared a brief statement on their social media pages announcing the official release. I can only imagine the amount of pressure that has been released from their shoulders with ‘Dopamine’. From what they have given us, it is very easy to see the bright future that lies ahead for the Swedes.

Mic Drop Music and myself are thrilled for what is to come from Mountain Mover. It’s extremely satisfying when you discover a band that is still in its most pure and raw form. Each and every song from the band shows the creativity, originality and purity that lies within them. We love a genuine band and Mountain Mover is exactly that. They continue to show passion for artistic growth with their video productions, photography as well as their music.



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