Gorgon City Ignites NYC During Brooklyn Mirage Performance

If you’re a house music aficionado like myself, chances are Gorgon City is at the top of your playlist. Recognized as some of the most unique and influential artists in the game, the UK-based electronic duo hooks listeners with their uplifting genre time and time again. This year has already been a successful one for these two, and there’s plenty room for more in the coming months.

Released right on time for their high-in-demand summer tour, Gorgon City’s most recent project titled “Elizabeth Street” is exactly why the duo is so highly valued in the dance music world. The track is out now via their own REALM records label, which happens to be the leading host of their current worldwide tour. After an entirely sold-out performance at the grandiose Printworks in London and an extraordinary dual live and DJ set at Electric Forest Festival in Michigan, Gorgon City has been killing it all summer long.

With stops along prominent locations such as Ibiza, London, Dublin, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas, Mic Drop Music got the opportunity to be part of their outstanding New York City showcase. This past weekend, Brooklyn got to witness one of the most striking live shows to date. The duo completely blew attendees away during their special Friday night performance, leaving every one in the crowd absolutely speechless from start to finish. Luckily, there’s plenty more stops along the way if your feeding for some more Gorgon City live action.

From intro to outro, the energy throughout the unparalleled venue that is The Brooklyn Mirage was everything fans could have asked for. It was magical. It was inexplicably electrifying even before Gorgon City came on stage to steal the show. As mentioned, the duo’s REALM records label proudly hosted the massive house-infused outdoor party, definitely aiding in the genuine vibe that took over the ambiance all night long. It’s surely a house-filled night Brooklyn will never forget.

The night ignited with opening acts from Rinsed, Kyle Kinch, and Totally Enormous Distinct Dinosaurs; all of which left their own unique mark on the wild crowd. Closing out the phenomenally chosen supporting lineup, Lee Foss and his deep, tech-house tunes truly set the ground for the cutting-edge performance to come. From 2:30 to almost 5:00 AM, Gorgon City tore the house down (literally) with their magnificent mixing techniques, keeping the crowd on their toes throughout the night’s entirety. Exposing bangers like “Real Life” and “Never Enough” throughout their set added to their lively endeavor. Throwing in a special mix of their fresh tune “Elizabeth Street” had everyone begging for more.

Prior to Gorgon City’s groundbreaking live performance, everything from the remarkable supporting lineup to the overall crowd energy was exceptional to say the least. The extensive stage ensemble, lighting, and visuals production was also out of this world, making the entire house-party venture an impeccable one. What night. After all, ain’t no party like a house party right? Thank you Gorgon City, for giving us the opportunity to witness such a noteworthy performance in the heart of NYC’s electronic music scene, looking forward to the next one!


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