Rapper Lil Peep and his drug overdose death has been the subject of a court struggle for over five years. The promising young artist was only twenty-one when he passed on November 15, 2017. This tragedy was painful enough for this family, yet a five-year legal battle ensued, leaving no one able to rest peacefully.

On February 17th, Peep’s mother, Liza Womack, filed a notice in Los Angeles County Superior Court. It stated that she had resolved her wrongful death case against First Access Entertainment (FAE). This is the management and label services business that had worked with the rapper.

As of October 2019, over two years after Peep’s death, Womack had filed a lawsuit. First Access Entertainment, manager Bryant Ortega, and tour manager Belinda Mercer were named as defendants in a lawsuit alleging wrongful death, negligence, and breach of contract. According to legal experts at the time, the lawsuit seemed to have the possibility of changing the way the music business viewed drugs. According to Pitchfork, unsealed court documents from January 2022 revealed what Womack’s attorneys called the “dysfunctional, ultimately fatal condition” of the tour during which Peep died in 2017. A month later, Judge Teresa Beaudet concluded that the lawsuit may go forward against FAE and Mercer.

However, she rejected most of the accusations against Ortega.

A message on the late rapper’s Instagram made fans and followers aware of the win. The message said, “his songs will be in the care of his mother and brother, and no one else.” However, the exact details of the settlement were not disclosed.

“Liza has been indefatigable in her pursuit of justice for her son,” Matiasic said in a statement. “With the conclusion of the litigation, her focus will shift to shepherding his legacy and continuing to release his music for the enjoyment of his fans.”

Paul Matiasic


Gustav Elijah Ahr, also known by his stage name, “Lil Peep” was raised by his mother Liza Womack, and elder brother Oksar Ahr on Long Island, New York. As he was known to his friends and family, Gus was a talented musician who could effortlessly combine elements of hip-hop, emo rock, and punk.

After entering high school, Gus made the conscious decision to stop trying to conform to conventional norms. He altered his appearance piercings and tattoos when he was 14 years old. This was around the time he started writing songs in his room. He graduated in 2014 and then relocated to the Golden State in pursuit of a career in music. He started out by uploading his music to platforms like Soundcloud and YouTube. Lil Peep shot to fame as an up-and-coming underground rap artist, but his drug use ultimately destroyed him. Substance abuse proved fatal in the end.

Like the lives of many other rappers, Gus’s began with tragedy. He’s been quite open about the long list of pharmaceuticals he uses on a daily basis. He often discussed them in a number of interviews and podcasts. Cannabis, lean, and Xanax were often in his responses. Saying, “it’s simply the things people give me. I just sort of go with it,” Peep remarked in an interview with No Jumper. Peep’s addiction has progressed. There are varying accounts as to how he died, with some pointing to suicide and others to an accidental overdose. Many, however, believe that he was on the cusp of becoming a major star and influencing the course of hip hop history when his life was cut tragically short.

addiction ultimately LED to his death

The hip-hop star on the rise was discovered dead on his tour van in Arizona on November 15th, 2017. It was only a few hours before a scheduled performance. Autopsy results were withheld for over four weeks, and ultimately released to the public. It revealed that an accidental overdose had caused his death. His system contained a mixture of narcotics, including Fentanyl-laced Xanax and a number of others. The drug tests on his blood came back positive for both marijuana and cocaine.


The passing of Lil Peep prompted an outpouring of homage from the music world. His music’s well received by listeners all across the globe. Because of his magnetic personality and ability to relate to his audience, he became a popular figure. His sad songs touched many because they could identify to his suffering.

Because of his charisma and charismatic communication skills, his supporters looked up to him as a trustworthy character. The number of people who love Lil Peep and his music has only increased over time. On November 12, 2019, a documentary named Everyone’s Everything published. The documentary revealed details about Lil Peep’s life and career as the pioneer of emo-rap.

Peep’s certainly missed by many. His music will forever live on through his family and fans. Mic Drop Music would love to know your favorite Lil Peep song!

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