Who is KUČKA?

Pronounced cooch-ka, the English-born Australian-raised artist is making waves in the electronic and hyper-pop music scene.

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The name KUČKA is the Serbo-croation translation for “bitch”. 

If you are an avid Flume listener, you may have heard of KUČKA before. That soft, gentle, angelic voice, that’s maybe made you cry before – yeah that’s her.

She has also been featured on “LONG.LIVE.ASAP” by A$AP Rocky.

KUČKA has been my favorite artist to deep dive into this year because her story is an inspiration. During her younger years, she began to work on her craft (starting with GarageBand) and hasn’t stopped since. Producing, writing, and vocalizing her own songs, Kucka demonstrates her multidimensional talent in every piece of work she releases. 

As she got older and her career began to develop, she moved to LA. This new location gave her a chance to expand artistically, find love, and come out as queer. Her music aspires to evoke deep emotions, feelings, and tears.

She combines her delicate dreamy vocals with ethereal intimate beats, ranging from 70-150 bpm. Her latest album, Wrestling, was released in April of 2021 and features the co-creation and co-production expertise of Flume, himself. 

If you haven’t discovered her already, give her a chance. These are some of my personal favorite releases from her.

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