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I never hit shuffle on my playlist if anyone else is around – it’s too risky. I have over 5,000 songs in my library, so hitting shuffle is always an interesting journey. It’s safe to say I never really know what song is going to play or what artist will pop up next.

It can go from synth-pop to R&B to reggae and folk music. There really is no in between when you shuffle my playlist. Since I never shuffle in front of other people, I figured why not do it for the first time for all my internet friends.

Let’s get to shuffling

“Mountains” – Hans zimmer

In my opinion, the entire Interstellar soundtrack is a masterpiece and Hans Zimmer never disappoints, but “Mountains” is definitely my favourite song from the score. I think it’s the attention to detail in the song and the way it matches up with the scene in the movie. The ticking sounds signifying a day passing by on earth, the orchestra fading in and out the way waves do, the crescendo in the music when the wave hits in the film… amazing.

“Drink before the war” – sinead o’connor

“Drink Before the War” starts off as a tender ballad, but eventually turns into a frenzy of Sinead’s incredible and emotional vocals that makes you want to close your eyes and float.

“came and saw” – young stoner life & young thug (feat. Rowdy rebel)

The beat, the production, the transitions between the verses… absolutely nothing wrong with this song.

“in your body” – ¿Téo?

A neo R&B masterpiece. This song is so smooth and so easy to listen to. If you haven’t heard of ¿Téo? yet, do yourself a favour and start listening to his music.

“The flute song” – russ

I have never vibed to the sound of a flute this hard before. Say what you want about Russ, but you can’t hate this song.

“Défiler” – stromae

We should all feel lucky to live at the same time as Stromae and his amazing music. His lyricism feels otherworldly. The beats and rhythms in his songs are incredible. This song feels like five songs in one, and I love every single one of them. You should definitely check out more of his music.

and some honourable mentions from my shuffling journey

I Guess the Lord Must be in New York City – Amber Mark

Kevin’s Heart – J. Cole

Sparks – Coldplay

Canary – Popcaan

Hopefully you can find a song or two to add to your own playlist. Don’t be afraid to hit that shuffle button and show off your variety.

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