Let’s be real, Olivia Rodrigo IS the moment right now. With just one album she took the music world by storm. However, her discography currently sits at just 11 tracks. We can only listen to the same songs so many times without looking for more. If you like Olivia Rodrigo but you need something different to hold you over until she releases something new:

“Keep It Movin’” by Olivia O’Brien

If you’re looking for something a little different from the sad songs, this track is perfect. This one is definitely a more positive version of something Rodrigo would release. It’s about self-esteem and reminding yourself that people who have you, have something to lose. It’s difficult to just pick just one Olivia O’Brien song because her whole discography reminds me of an Olivia Rodrigo song.

“I Can Break Your Heart Too” by The Aces

The all-girl band takes a step further than Olivia’s songs usually do. It shows the struggle of a situationship and trying to read mixed signals. The other person keeps playing games, but the narrator can play too. It’s like a bit of a passive warning: keep messing with me and I’ll break your heart too.

“In Agreement” by Lizzy McAlpine

Lizzy also has a more positive take on a relationship, but it’s got that slow rhythm to it that we know and love. She talks about realizing your feelings for someone you recently started talking to after being in other toxic relationships. The difficulty of accepting the love that you are getting from this new person that seems overwhelming in comparison to before.

“A Little Too Much” by Shawn Mendes

This is a classic from the beginning of Shawn’s career. It would fit as a response song to one of Olivia’s about going through a rough time. Shawn is addressing a girl going through a breakup or problems. He tells her that it’s okay, that these problems are part of life, and that they will pass. 

“Watercolor Eyes” by Lana Del Rey

Olivia’s songwriting skills help her really tap into her audiences’ feelings. It’s like she knows exactly what we’re all going through. Lana Del Rey does the same with this song. She’s able to be general and specific at the same time. She talks about a relationship that is always back and forth, and the narrator being more in love with the other person who just likes the attention.

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