Elrow definitely did not disappoint with the final show of their North American tour. Both the ROWSATTACKS and Elrow City themes absolutely transformed the rooms of Brooklyn’s Avant Gardner. 

Walking into the venue, compared to the cold and rainy streets of the city made me feel like I was entering an entirely different world.



I immediately understood the hype behind the ROWSATTACKS theme. As soon as I walked into the Great Hall, I was surrounded by hundreds of people dancing with aliens on stilts and astronaut chickens. 

The room was decorated from head to toe with UFOs, streamers hung from the ceiling, and strobe lights illuminated the smiling faces of the crowd. 

The vibe and the energy in the room never came down. The crowd jumped and moved continuously through the sensational beats of Bastian Bux and Rendher’s back to back set. 


I felt sad walking out of the neon sea of ROWSATTACKS. Yet, I knew there was so much more to experience at Elrow City. 


Elrow City

The walk over to Elrow City was almost as entertaining as being in the Great Hall and witnessing ROWSATTACKS in action. People in colourful costumes and eccentric makeup lined up to get drinks at the bar. Some attendees even got makeovers and walked back into the crowd with crazy eyeshadow and glitter. 

Let’s just say I didn’t miss ROWSATTACKS much after I entered the Kings Hall, because Elrow city was in full swing and full of electricity. 

The energy was just as high in this room as it was in the Great Hall. People danced, laughed and had a great time in the graffiti decorated room. 

I had walked in just in time to catch the end of Heidi’s mesmerising and electrifying set. 

Elrow City

What a way to close out their North American tour! I’m sure that every Elrow groupie will agree that they outdo themselves every time.

Now, all that’s left to do is to wait for the next Elrow NYC event! See you aliens there!

Keep an eye out for more Elrow events! https://www.elrow.com/en/

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