Wubaholics Set to Host Florida’s Most Anticipated Festival of The Spring

It’s not too often the sleepy towns of North Florida are shaken awake by the rumbles of heavy bass and smooth house synths. Tallahassee is in for quite the wake up call on January 19th, where EDM lovers can delight in a bevy of on the rise artists.

I talked with festival runner and co-creator of Wubaholics, Zack Farr about everything you need to know before hitting the biggest party of 2019.

Tell me all about Wubaholics, what does it mean? How did it start? What do you do? I want to know it all!

ZF: “I honestly can’t even explain how wubaholics started haha I guess you can say that me and one of my best friends, Ryan Lawrence aka LawLaw were chilling one day coming up with ideas on “how to party for a living”. I told him that I would throw parties, and he would dj them and it would all work out. Next thing I knew, him and my roommate Finn, were going b2b at post games, pool parties, and eventually I was able to get them a b2b spot before D3V and Nitti Gritti the day Sunset was cancelled. That was when I realized how bad I wanted to go into artist management.”

Is Dub Wub the first official event for the company?

ZF: “A couple months before Graduation we were all sitting at Madso and my boy Bauer said that we are all Wubaholics, and that I should make shirts with it. Next thing I know, Wubaholics was trademarked under my name, and I threw another show in Derd right before I left for the real world on July 18th: “Wubaholics Presents: Xtaterrestrial Vibrations” The show had some amazing feedback, I was told by on attendee that it was the most fun she’s ever had in Tallahassee and that really stuck with me. My greatest takeaway so far in this business is learning from mistakes… there is ALWAYS room for improvement and every show has gotten better. We have a lot of ideas and opportunities with Wubaholics: event planning, artist management, consultation, and much more surprised that you just have to stick around to find out about!”

Why is it so special to throw the festival in Tallahassee?

ZF: “Tallahassee is full of bass heads who love to go as hard as possible so Wubaholics just seemed like too good of a term to not be recognized. I have met more friends than I can possibly count out at bars and clubs and festivals where the music has been nothing but intense wubs. It seems like the appropriate word to describe a group of savages who want to mosh pit within the constricting walls of Standard.”

How did you select your artists for the festival and who are your ones to watch?

ZF: “For the event, we have 6 touring artists, and over 20 artists from across the state of Florida. The amount of raw talent that will be at pots on January 19th is insane. And by raw I mean new to performing, and RAW as in going in. D3V means something special to me because he was the first artist I payed to have play in Derd on February 18th. Gaston, who is the mastermind behind Dub Wub Orlando, is also D3V’s manager and we have been business partners for almost a year now. Sumthin Sumthin hasn’t been to Tallahassee since Joey Myers first found him and he stole the show at Pike’s party nearly 4 years ago, while Player Dave is his homie from LA who just so happens to be boys with Austin Lambert, who has been more help putting this together than I can imagine. Uber is our hidden gem who just got back from a tour with Snails. Lastly, Dubloadz is one of the most hard hitting dubstep artist in the game, having played at Lost Lands, as well as Forbidden Kingdom and is fixing to tour across the country with Dion Timmer. As hard hitting of a lineup as that is, the most impressive and passionate part of the lineup is the regional support. They are all up and coming bass gods who take pride in what they are doing and are promoting the event non stop. I am looking forward to watching all of them take off in the next couple of years and I’m going to continue to work with them and watch them grow. They are what’s really going to make this event a unique experience.”

What can festival goers expect from the event?

ZF: “I would recommend taking the time to walk all through Pots because it is going to look nothing like it has ever looked like before. We have 3 dj booths – one in the front, one inside (I’m thinking of calling it the “Grease Pit” lmao) Make sure to check out the “Wook Stage” out front, where there will be a much different vibe from the bass garden out back. The Front of Pots is going to be a experienemtal bass, wook sanctuary where there will be low bpm bass, psychedelic trippy lights and visuals, comfortable booths, and live painters. We will also be opening up Painted Lady which will be house music, so there’s a techno vibe for those who need a break from the wubs. I want people to go into pots not expecting anything but a unique experience that they will not have experienced ever before in Tallahassee, or experienced outside an actual music festival where you have to spend $100 on a ticket per day, and $10 per beer. We will have at least 3 videographers and some photographers there to capture the entire event as well!”

We’re sold, so where do we buy tickets?

ZF: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/dub-wub-tally-tickets-53620367964

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