Ultra Music Festival Relocation: Can Change Be Good For The Festival?

The debate regarding Ultra Music Festival’s relocation in Miami from Bayfront Park to the historic Virginia Key lives on. While some fear the change, others believe that it might be a positive adjustment for its attendees and scheduled artists alike. Ever since the renowned festival’s debut twenty years ago, Miami has always acted as it’s most loyal home. Over time, Ultra has moved locations due to heavy city traffic conditions and noise complaints on several occasions, but this time around South Florida’s most electronic music loving city put it’s foot down and demanded a permanent change.

After a highly thought about proposal by the festival’s curators to to keep Ultra in the heart of Downtown Miami once again, the city denied their proposal entirely. For it’s twenty first installment this upcoming March, the city of Miami will no longer allow the prestigious Bayfront Park and it’s breathtaking views be the higher ground for Ultra’s massive three-day production. Although this is heartbreaking news for loyal UMF attendees and fans, some argue that this might actually benefit the festival’s overall production and reputation. Can there possibly be any positive outcomes from this huge change in the long-run?

Although nothing beats those eye-catching Miami skyline views that Bayfront Park has to offer, those soothing tropical vibes that the city naturally exploits will still be present at the festival’s new relocation spot. Surrounded entirely by water, Virginia Key will still offer some pretty eclectic oceanic city views. Yes, moving such an enormous festival such as this to a brand new and unfamiliar spot seems seems like a terrible idea in terms of tradition, but Ultra’s curators made it clear that the festival’s backbone will still be entirely in tact despite of this grand relocation decision. No less amount of heart and soul will be put into the amount of hard work and dedication that is necessary to produce the highly-acclaimed levels of production that UMF showcases year after year.

Breaking traditions is never easy, but every now and then it is necessary for long-term benefits. With Miami being Ultra’s original home base, everything must be done in order to maintain a beneficial relationship between the festival and its partners and sustain the City of Miami as Ultra’s one and only breaking ground. The new Virginia Key historic venue will allow Ultra to evolve in a much larger and cohesive new home, creating an unfamiliar yet thrilling experience for all festival attendees.

A huge positive aspect of UMF’s move to Virginia Key is the festival’s new hours of operation in which it’s permit allows up until 2:00 AM each night. Longer hours means more time for attendees to dance the night away throughout the festival’s three-day venture. Aside from that, this much larger venue will provide the festival with an increased capacity, aiding in more space to dance freely and explore vastly throughout in comparison to the limited amount of space at Bayfront Park. The exquisite production levels and illusionary stimulating stage design that Ultra always produces will be even more in tact than ever before due to the new venue’s additional amenities.

An international hit, Ultra Music Festival always does everything in its power to remain as consistent and as innovative as ever year after year. Despite it taking place in a completely unfamiliar location, UMF is still looking forward to hosting attendees from over 100 countries this upcoming March for its 2019 edition. From the 29th through the 31st of March, get ready to embark on Ultra Music Festival’s completely redesigned grand venture. Will these changes positively impact everything the festival has to offer? Well, change can certainly be a good thing every now and then. For its 21st installment, we’re thrilled to experience what Ultra has in store for us , and we are certain it’s outcome will be more spectacular than ever before. After all, Ultra’s most significant value is for attendees to fully experience the act of freedom through the power of music, and its new venue will inevitably allow for that.

Watch the official Ultra Music Festival’s New Chapter video:

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