Top Five Tours You Need to Check Out This Fall

Tour 1: Counterparts is bringing Being as an Ocean, Have Mercy and Varials on the “Private Room Tour”. Expect small venues jam packed with quite the rowdy audience. Counterparts will be the headliner every night of the tour with an extended set to finish off the night. They are also claiming that their will be no barricades on this tour which will bring that small venue/ local band intimacy that we all love.

Tour 2: Silent Planet x Stray From The Path will be touring this fall with Kublai Khan and Greyhaven as supporting artists. Silent Planet will be touring with their third studio album freshly released to the public. They’re taking this co-headlining tour across the country with Stray From the Path who needs to introduction. Kublai Khan will be a very interesting opener as they are the heaviest and most brutal band on this lineup. Greyhaven has made quite the name for themselves over the past few years, the band will surely gain attention from this tour as they are coming off the release of their second album from early 2018.

Tour 3: One of the most legendary bands of all time is heading on tour this fall and they’re bringing some friends along for the ride. Every Time I Die is bringing Turnstile, Angel Du$t and Vein on one of the heaviest tour we’ll see this fall. Most of the hardcore bands you enjoy look up to Every Time I Die and that right there should tell you enough. Coming off of a summer on the Warped Tour ETID is in full form and ready to take on a venue near you. Wear a helmet. It is going to get rough.

Tour 4: Pop-Punk heavy weights The Story So Far are bringing Turnover, Citizen and Movements on their headlining tour this fall. This tour won’t be nearly as heavy as the first three but it will definitely be one of my favorites. The supporting bands on this tour have all become super successful and there’s no doubt in my mind these shows will sell out. Movements, Citizen and Turnover will all bring in their own crowds on top of the massive crowd that The Story So Far will summon. This is going to be insane. Grab your friends, possibly grab some tissues and get ready for a pop-punk filled night.

Tour 5: Last but certainly not least we have another heavy tour stomping its way through the country come this fall. The Orange County natives, Stick To Your Guns are heading out on tour alongside Emmure. Support will be provided by Florida heavy weights Wage War as well as Sanction (do not underestimate the brutality that Sanction will provide). This is another stacked lineup with three massive names that would all most likely sell out their own individual tours but we have the pleasure of seeing these bands all for one price. Sanction will surely set the mood for the night so make sure to arrive when the doors open.

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