The Best Song From Every Major Album Release This Summer

This summer has been bringing the heat, and I ain’t talkin ’bout weather. OHHHH. Just kidding, global warming is no laughing matter and I think we’re all universally sweating. But, if there is one thing that could pull us out of the environmental pit of despair, it’s all the FIRE music that has been released this summer. We’ve been blessed with albums on albums from the biggest in the business in every genre. Summer is busy, I know it’s hard to find time to stream a full album whilst Instagramming laying on a popsicle float, so I did the work so you don’t have to! I’ve complied a “songs of the summer” playlist, pulling the best song from each major album release since May. (Full playlist at the bottom)

“Breathin”- Ariana Grande Sweetner

Ari already blew us away with “God is a Woman”, but she brings a whole new energy on this track. It’s light, airy, and just a feel good song. Let’s not forget her incredible range, putting her in her own league amongst today’s pop stars.

“Barbie Dreams”- Nicki Minaj Queen

While there were many naysayers claiming Cardi B had officially taken Nicki’s throne, Minaj did her best to defend her title with her newest album Queen. I dig the beat on this, and I love how she high-key shades every rapper in the biz. I see you, sis.

“All Mine”- Kanye West Ye

“All these thots on Christian Mingle, almost went and got Tristian single.” Need I say more?

“Lost in Japan”- Shawn Mendes Shawn Mendes

Alright, I resisted listening to this album for a long time despite all of the hype surrounding it. I went into it expecting a bubblegum, teeny-bopper pop album, and boy was I wrong. Major Justin Timberlake vibes. He’s fresh, soulful, and funky.

“YOSEMITE”- Travis Scott Astroworld

This may not be the “best” song on the album in terms of streaming or radio play, but the flow on this is next level. The perfect late-night-cruise-in-the-car song.

“High Hopes”- Panic! At the Disco Pray for the Wicked

I’m just gonna come out and say it… Brendon Urie is the Freddie Mercury of our generation and we don’t deserve him. He’s too pure for this world. This upbeat anthem brings you right back to the Panic! you’ve loved since middle school.

“Reborn”- Kid Cudi KIDS SEE GHOSTS

When I first heard news of a Kid Cudi/Kanye collab album, you could imagine my excitement. However, in most ways the album let me down. This song is a diamond in the rough, play it whenever you’re having one of those days. Let Cudi uplift you and hum right into your lil soul.

“Dunno”- Mac Miller Swimming

Since we’re in our feelings, I’ll add another moody track to the list. But man, this one is good. Swimming may be my favorite album of the summer, hashtag unpopular opinion.

“Praise The Lord (Da Shine)”- A$AP Rocky, Skepta Testing

This song just makes me wanna shoulder pop and rob a bank or something. Listen and get back to me. I’ll be waiting in the Bank of America parking lot when you’re ready.

“Sky Full of Song”- Florence + The Machine High as Hope

Okay, these rap tracks got me too fired up, I need to chill. And who better to unleash the chill vibes than queen FLORENCE. This is literally the cool down/stretch song at my Pure Barre class.

“In My Feelings”- Drake Scorpion

I know all of us are about over that girl Keke at this point, but there is no question that this was the #1 song of the summer. Between the non-stop radio play and the viral dance created from the #InMyFeelingsChallenge, everyone from grandmas to 4th graders are out here asking Keke if she loves them.

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