Three Songs That Give You All The Fall Feelings

As summer subsides and fall approaches, we not only change our outfits to match the pumpkin spice latte-pilled weather, but we also change up what we listen to. It’s time for a new shade of music to envelope the latter and beginning parts of the year, the cold months. The songs that embody this season are usually slower, looser, dreamier, and more often than not, sadder. As consumers, we often match what we listen to with our surroundings and moods. During times of frost and isolation, it feels best to put on a song that feels the way the outside world does.

As our days grow slower and the leaves start to fall, the seasonal sadness creeps back in. To suit this mood, I’ve selected three of my favorite tracks that match this change in seasons.


Mine (Pinegrove Remix) [Need 2]“- Duwap Kaine

Duwap Kaine’s track, “Mine (Pinegrove Remix) [Need 2]” is a laid-back remix of “Need 2” by Pinegrove. Its somber guitar chords and autotuned vocals are soft and match the change of seasons. This track makes it easy to throw on your headphones, lay in the grass, and watch the wind blow orange and brown leaves from neighborhood trees. 

“Your Summer Dream“- The Beach Boys

“Your Summer Dream” by The Beach Boys marks an end to a summer. Their vocals are so intertwined with surfing, hanging out with friends, and warm weather. Yet this track slows down their usual pace, symbolizing a close to those habits. 

Give You My Lovin“- Mazzy star

Mazzy Star is an all-time slow-core, chill-time, classic. Star walked so Lana Del Ray could run type-a-beat. Her voice is effortlessly smooth and glides across her laid instrumental. It is a slow song that pulls the listener across with her vocals. It feels like falling leaves. 

As mentioned earlier, we listen to music that matches our settings, environments, and vibe. These three tracks that I listed, in my opinion, are perfect for these changes. What gets you into the fall mood?

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