‘Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure’ Has the Most Unique Soundtrack

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, or JJBA, is one of the most widely known anime franchises in the world. The show started off as a mini series that ran from 1993-2002. Then in 2012, the show was revived into a nine-part ongoing series. At the time of this article, only six parts of JJBA have been fully animated. Part 7 is estimated to be announced some time in 2024.

What’s it all about?

JJBA is an action series that became popular because of its wild action sequences and iconic JoJo Poses. What stands out the most are the references made to classic American and British music artists in the characters and the soundtrack.

Writer and creator, Hirohiko Araki, has always been a big fan of Western 80s music. Almost every featured song corresponds with each season’s aesthetic and time period. The names of the characters and their abilities also heavily reference artists from the 80s and 90s. Here, we will list off the timeless tracks used for this iconic show!

1. ’roundabout’ – yes

Starting off strong, ‘Roundabout’ by Yes is the track that put JJBA on the anime map. The song features in part one of the series, Phantom Blood, and part two, Battle Tendency. ‘Roundabout’ sets the tone for the rest of the series. The sound is upbeat and adventurous and the singer describes all of the sights they see on whatever journey they are on.

Despite Phantom Blood being set in the 1880s and Battle Tendency being set in the 1920s, both seasons contain an aesthetic akin to classic British rock.

Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency’s characters reference artists such as Dio, Led Zepplin, REO Speedwagon, Tom Petty, Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam, , AC/CD, and Dire Straits.

2. ‘walk like an egyptian’ – the bangles

‘Walk Like An Egyptian’ features during the first half of part 3 of the series, titled Stardust Crusaders. The song was released in 1986, which is around the year when Stardust Crusaders takes place. It is a very fitting selection, as the main character and his group have to travel to Egypt to seek out the main villain. Many fans point out the irony of the song being used when the characters are not yet in Egypt.

The song’s message is very simple. It encourages the listener to dance and have fun while referencing the stereotypical Ancient Egyptian walk featured in Western media.

Stardust’s Crusader’s characters reference artists such as Paula Abdul, The Rolling Stones, Oingo Boingo, Hall and Oates, Iggy Pop, and Vanilla Ice.

3. ‘last train home’ – pat methany group

‘Last Train Home’ features during the second half of Stardust Crusaders. This selection takes a different approach as opposed to the rest of the JJBA soundtrack. It provides a calmer and more nostalgic tone as the heroes near the end of their journey.

The song has no lyrics except for occasional vocals. A snare drum mimics the sound of a passing train and the instrumentals include piano, guitar, and synthesizers.

4. ‘i want you’ – savage garden

Part 4 of JJBA, Diamond Is Unbreakable, features ‘I Want You’ by Savage Garden. Diamond Is Unbreakable takes place during 1999, just two years after the song’s release in 1997.

The song itself describes the feeling of passionate romance. The reason for this selection is because the tone matches the season’s glamorous aesthetic. Diamond Is Unbreakable is very bright and lively unlike the other JJBA seasons. It is the very definition of 90s nostalgia. Thus, ‘I Want You’ is the perfect choice because it ends each episode with the same 90s vibe.

Diamond Is Unbreakable’s characters reference artists such as Prince, Pink Floyd, Bad Company, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Police, Queen, and Earth, Wind, and Fire.

5. ‘freek’n you’ – jodeci

The first half of JJBA part 5, Golden Wind, features ‘Freek’n You’ by Jodeci. This selection caught many viewers off guard the first time. The tone and topic of the track seemingly steers away from the other carefully selected pieces. But it is because of this that the Golden Wind ending became a fan favorite of the JJBA fandom.

Even though JJBA is not inherently sexual in nature, it is widely known for its attractive characters and bizarre fashion. Much like Diamond Is Unbreakable, the aesthetic leans more towards glamor. But in Golden Wind, there is a slight style change that puts more emphasis on each characters’ fashion and body. This choice also leans into the fact that JJBA took heavy inspiration from Vogue models in their clothing and poses. Thus, it would make sense for the creators to choose such a sexually charged song like ‘Freek’n You’.

Golden Wind’s characters reference artists such as Prince, Jeff Beck, Suzanne Vega, Black Sabbath, The Moody Blues, Soft Machine, Sex Pistols, Green Day, Aerosmith, and Michael Jackson.

6. ‘modern crusaders’ – enigma

The second half of Golden Wind features ‘Modern Crusaders’ by Enigma. This selection matches more with the season’s serious tone, as the characters stand up against their fearsome foes for the greater good.

The song is a mix of early 2000s techno, rock, and opera that features a background chorus singing lyrics in Latin. Compared to the previous selection by Jodeci, ‘Modern Crusaders’ is more akin to Golden Wind’s setting. It takes place in Italy 2001 and draws inspiration from classic Italian culture and the style of the 2000s.

7. ‘distant dreamer’ – duffy

JJBA part 6, Stone Ocean, features ‘Distant Dreamer’ by Duffy. The final episode of this season also features ‘Roundabout’ by Yes as it pays homage to the series as a whole.

Stone Ocean has the most modern timeline, as it takes place in 2011. ‘Distant Dreamer’ was released just 3 years prior in 2008. The plot revolves around the main character escaping prison for a crime she did not commit and seeking out the actual criminal while saving her father’s life. The song itself is about the pursuit of freedom and living out ones dreams. Likewise, the main character longs to be free from her situation so she can make a fresh start.

Stone Ocean’s characters reference artists such as Dolly Parton, Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Costello, The Goo Goo Dolls, The Manhattan Transfer, Whitesnake, Kiss, Foo Fighters, and Weather Report.


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All five seasons of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures are available to watch on Netflix and Crunchyroll!

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