The Zodiac Playlist You Didn’t Know You Needed

This week, while wracking my brain for new ideas, I came across a playlist of mine that is made up of songs that scream “Capricorn” through their lyrics or (bear with me for use of the word) vibe. This led me to realize I could combine two things I know (and care) way too much about, music and zodiac. So, this week I decided to list each zodiac sign and songs that remind me of them and their energy. Before you come for me, this is purely based on my relationship with each sign (and coming from a very proud Capricorn).



“Shut Up” by Ariana Grande. This song is as blunt and hilarious as every Aries I have ever met, they are unafraid to tell you how they feel right when they feel it, then make you smile seconds later. 


“Good as Hell” by Lizzo. Anyone who has met a Leo knows they bleed confidence, their aura is so strong and almost intimidating, but in the best way, just like this song. Leo’s not only know their worth, they make sure you do as well.


“Do U Mind?” by Evann McIntosh. This song is beautiful and warm, like every Sagittarius I know. Their presence leaves comforting energy and always makes me smile, which is what they (and this song) do best.



“Look What You Made Me Do” by Taylor Swift. Gemini’s come with an incredibly strong and outgoing spirit, they will unapologetically do whatever is in their best interest while still guaranteeing everyone around them has a good time. They are hard-headed and intense, constantly living in their “Reputation Era”.


“Good 4 U” by Olivia Rodrigo. This was one of the most difficult ones to pick, Libra’s are some of the hardest signs to hold down, they are reckless and loud (in the best possible way). This song is full of anger and unmatchable upbeat energy, it’s bound to get everyone up and screaming along to it, just like Libra’s.


Full disclosure, this is my favorite sign.

“Girl Almighty” by One Direction. Aquarius’ are practically bursting with love, though they desperately attempt to hide it. When they walk into a room, they draw in all of the attention without even trying to, just like the girl almighty. They are upbeat, exciting, and mysterious at times, which usually leads to people wanting to know (and adore) them more.



“The Louvre” by Lorde. This song is artistic and beautiful like many Pisces are, their minds are constantly flowing with creativity and love, almost like they think in watercolors. They take their passion and exist within it, just like this song describes, making them one of the most interesting and hard-to-read signs out there.


“I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” by Aerosmith. Cancers are incredibly caring and emotional, they take care of everyone around them and love harder than any other sign. This is one of my favorite songs and holds a special place in my heart, much like Cancer’s tend to in everyone’s heart.


“Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana. Scorpios are untouchable, they are intense and bold and exciting, just like this song. They will always be the life of the party, even when they aren’t trying, they just are. If you ever need someone to brighten your mood or distract you, Scorpio is the way to go.


Full disclosure again, my big three are earth signs, there is no argument for these picks.


“Lost in Love” by BROCKHAMPTON. Virgos are tough, passionate, and hard to crack, much like their sister earth signs, but they are also incredibly shy and loving when they want to be. They get lost in the exciting things around them and sometimes forget the rest of the world because of that.


“Work Song” by Hozier. Capricorns are hard to crack, usually much too grounded and difficult, but under that exterior is a world of unbreakable love and passion. We cling to the things, and people, we care about, this song sums that love perfectly.


“Teenage Dirtbag” by Wheatus. This song is the perfect Taurus song, though they are Earth signs and are motivated and grounded, they differ in their rebellious tendencies a lot of the time. They like to march to the beat of their own drum, they are passionate and loving, but in their own way. This song could be their anthem, to be honest.

Happy listening!



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