The Phonogram EP Track #7: A Song That Makes You Want To Dance With Others

Staff Writer Brendan Shanahan is journaling his life through the medium of Phonomancy. Follow his magic with every track released under The Phonogram EP.

It’s basically a guarantee whenever I’m hanging out with my mates and we’ve got music going, that a Queen track will make it into the mix.

Now I know that’s probably true for a lot of people. Many party playlists seem to have at least one Queen song in them, but this particular song is the most significant to me.

And no, it’s not that one. It’s actually ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’, from their 1978 album Jazz.

Part of this choice may come down to the fact that Shawn of the Dead would often be played at our movie nights. You can find that iconic scene below!

Freddie’s in full voice, the piano drives the song forward with a steady beat that’s just perfect for bouncing around a lounge room, before falling back into each other’s arms as Freddie sings us out.

As theatre kids, we could fully get into the big sound and feel of the song. This tune somehow always appeared on the playlist of many a birthday party or even sometimes at rehearsals. It reminds me of being with good friends and good times. Either blasting it loud on the stereo or enjoying some zombies being beaten by pool cues.

It’s a feel good hit, which gets even better when shared with friends, a perfect ending track for the EP.

That’s all of the tracks on the EP! I hope you’ve enjoyed my magic and that it has sparked some magic or thoughts about what is magic to you with your relationship to music. If you were going to make a magic EP, which tracks would make the cut?

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