The music gods have blessed our ears once again! The highly anticipated artist of the year, SZA, finally released her new single “Shirt”. This single is a tease of her sophomore album, rumored to be coming very soon according to the star herself. Not only were we blessed with a new single, but a music video to accompany it. It naturally blew up and is currently trending on YouTube with 3.3 million views and counting. Fans have been patiently waiting for ages for SZA to release new music. She has been teasing for YEARS that the album is coming. However, I think most fans can agree based off this release that it will be worth the wait.

SZA has been hustling in the business for years on her journey to the top. Her feature on Travis Scott’s, “Love Galore” however, is what really solidified her stardom. Her impact has been undeniably huge, some even considering her as a prominent voice of our generation. Despite all of the hype and momentum in her career, she has yet to release an album since 2017. Let’s take a look at what this next work may be all about.

Music Video/Song Review:

Source: Good Days Music Video

Fans have known about “shirt” for a while. She first teased the song on Instagram in October 2020, which resulted in her fans produce a new trendy dance. Ultimately leading to the fanbase naming the song. She has the capability to define the sexual power of romance really explicitly when you hear the lyrics

“Been so lost without you all around me … lead me, don’t look back. It’s all about you”

In the video that released alongside the single, the aesthetic is of a home wrecked Bonnie and Clyde. The mood of what it feels like to be in a destructive relationship. One scene of the video portrays the couple in a diner smoking blunts and shooting anyone that pisses off “Bonnie”. SZAs sensual power is showcased specifically, as she is giving ass to the Atlantic actor, Lakeith Stanfield, while he is tied up in a chair.

Final Thoughts:

Although the song is something that isn’t new to everyone, we love it either way. She has even started to tease another song, called “Blind”, which leads me to believe she is slowly releasing the album bit by bit. A soft launch, if you will. SZA has absoloutley mastered the art of the tease and keeping her fans on the edge of their seat. Will we be getting the album in the next year or by the end of the decade? The world may never know. It’s really exciting to always hear the new teasers for new music that leaves the fans knowing we may or may not get it in another couple of years or not.

SZA, new single “Shirt” is now available on all streaming platforms, also check out the music video that is available on Youtube.

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