Oxlade and his International Sensation “Ku Lo Sa” is Gaining More Success Than Ever

Up-and-coming Nigerian singer, Oxlade, has been an international success with his latest song “Ku Lo Sa.” The song made its premiere in June through a video taken from a live performance uploaded to the German music site Colors. “Ku Lo Sa” quickly gained traction after its first release, it went on to trend on TikTok. Though Oxlade has been creating a name for himself since 2018 with his creation of Afrobeat’s, “Ku Lo Sa” is truly reaching places all over the world. He has established himself thanks to his colorful, yet edgy image and a side of his fierce Afropop style.

With “Ku Lo Sa” being similar to the word “closer,” he wraps his delicate and polished voice around the cries of a lovelorn person. The masterpiece is Oxlade’s third major project of 2022 and a follow-up to his previous release titled “Want You,” which has been achieving very successful statistics across various streaming services.

tHE success of “Ku Lo Sa”

Many users of the app TikTok may know that dance challenges are a big trend. Just about everything you see trending became that way because of the app. Just about every trend originates from TikTok With the release of “Ku Lo Sa,” a TikTok challenge appeared which ultimately helped the song reach many people. “Ku Lo Sa” is used under the hashtag #kulosa with 591.5 million views. The hashtag #kulosachallenge is also used with 402.8 million views.

The challenges created to this song featured people imitating his live performance of the song on the Colors YouTube Channel. Other challenges included people dancing to the song. The success of this song led to it becoming the most-Shazamed song in France, with over 1.5 million Shazams. Additionally, the song racked up over 100 million streams across all streaming platforms and accomplished several other impressive achievements.

Once the song reached 100 million streams on Spotify and YouTube, Oxlade posted a thank-you note on social media. This thank you was directed to everyone embracing this song within the last few weeks.

Oxlade‘s acknowledgment of 100 million streams on Instagram.


With the roaring success of the song, Oxlade announced the music video for “Ku Lo Sa” which premiered on YouTube on Friday, October 21, 2022. The music video has generated 1.9 million views and 75,000 likes on YouTube. The video features colorful, yet edgy tones, groovy dancing, and a few “futuristic” effects throughout. The video is a very fun one to watch!

Oxlade reflects on “ku lo sa”

Now that Oxlade is soaking in his success, he reflects on the day of his live performance on the Colors YouTube Channel. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Oxlade says, “I knew I did something,” “But did I know it was going to get this big? Hell no.” He also says that he doesn’t want to “bask in the moment” because he wants to get out and continue making more hits for his fans. Oxlade emphasizes the fact that he wants to be one of the biggest Afrobeat experts out there.

“Anyone who listens can connect to my lyrics, and in turn, it connects me with anyone who is listening. My music is for people who take what I’m saying personally because it truly is representative of day-to-day life.”


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