Sunset Music Festival Exclusive Interview: TVBOO

This past Memorial Day Weekend, we got the opportunity to do press for Florida’s first festival since the pandemic. Perks of press means getting to chat one on one with Sunset’s best talent, so we of course had to pick TVBOO’s brain. Selling out shows left and right, TVBOO is becoming a fan-favorite in the funky electronic music scene. We chatted about what he’s been up to during quarantine, new projects in the works, bass music in Mississippi, and more.

MIC DROP: How did you keep busy during the pandemic?

TVBOO: I wrote an album! It’s a comedy record. Musical comedy. It’s good stuff. There’s hip-hop on it, there’s pop, rock, country… There’s even a little bit of hick-hop I like to call it ya know? But yeah I completed an album, I did a lot of fishing, wrote a lot of music, saw a lot of family. I actually had a good time not gon’ lie. I know a lot of people struggled, but I had a pretty good time, man I made the best of it.

MIC DROP: What are you most looking forward to now that live shows are back?

TVBOO: I’m lookin’ forward to gettin’ back to f*ckin’, as I like to call it. Can I say that on this? Haha. You know what I mean? Not actual love-making but you know when everyone’s out there having fun, I call that f*ckin’. We’re all out here gettin’ it in you know? I’m excited to get back to that.

MIC DROP: We’ve seen a few episodes of your TVLKS WITH TVBOO, and it’s awesome! What inspired you to start the show?

TVBOO: I was originally doing these TVBOO TVLKS, which were 60-second rants. Honestly, I was plastered for all of those, and just making jokes, man. Then I thought, how can I turn this into something more fun? And that’s when the podcast came around. I feel like I’m good at talking to people and I enjoy doing it.

MIC DROP: It’s fun to see artists engage in different hobbies. Besides music, podcasts, and comedy, what is a hobby you enjoy that not too many people know about?

TVBOO: I’m a big hunter and fisher, but everyone already knows that (laughs). Man honestly, the things that y’all see are really the things I’m into. I like music, I like producing, I like comedy, I like hunting, I like fishing. I think that’s about it, I’m a simple man.

MIC DROP: What about Jackson, Mississippi? What’s the bass music scene like there?

TVBOO: So, as far as the bass music scene in Mississippi, and I don’t say this to stroke myself or nothin’, but I was the only one throwing shows. I was throwing shows when I lived there, and when I moved, the shows stopped. So, there’s not much of a bass music presence there anymore, sadly. But, I’m trying to bring back this event I started hosting the day after Christmas. I started in 2019 and I booked touring acts like Space Jesus and Yheti. It was the biggest bass music show we had in Mississippi since Bassnectar in 2013. I hope to be doing that event the day after Christmas this year too. It’s gonna be a good time.

This is TVBOO’s SoundCloud. My favorites are “Stuff Me Vol. I & II”, and “Wook Worm”.

MIC DROP: How did your environment inspire the music you produce now? How did you get into bass music?

TVBOO: I found out about bass music after going to Buku Fest. I was into rock and metal, and I went because my brother was telling me to go see Sound Tribe, STS9. I had never heard of them and he was like, “Dude, you’d like them”. So, I went there and they had Flosstradamus and RL Grime back to back. And this was like 2013, prime trap music, right. And when I heard that, my f*cking mind was just blown, dude. I was like, “This is the coolest f*cking thing I’ve ever heard”. And I was already a musician, so it was just a gradual thing to get into production.

MIC DROP: Name your favorite person you’ve collaborated with and why.

TVBOO: Um, probably GRiZ! It’s [the project] is unreleased at the moment. You’ll hear it today. But the reason why is because GRiZ is my favorite artist. He has been since I got into electronic music, period. I’ve seen him more than I’ve seen any other artist. I’ve seen him probably 16 times. He’s so dope.

MIC DROP: For those of our readers who are brand new to your music, pick one song for them to listen to that would sum up your sound the best.

TVBOO: “Crawdaddy”. “Crawdaddy” is a perfect example because you get the vibe — it’s goofy. It’s a goofy song, it’s fun. I Iike to tell people that I make fun, energetic music, you know. I don’t think it’s aggressive, I’m not the heaviest, I’m not the weirdest, but I like to think that mine’s the most fun. It’s goofy, you know what I mean? And I like that. If I had to show one person a song and say, “This is who I am”, it would be “Crawdaddy”.

MIC DROP: Okay, last question. One thing you’re grateful for in this moment?

TVBOO: My mom. Yeah, my mom.

MIC DROP: Aww. Wow. That’s great.

TVBOO: Yeah that f*ckin’ choked me up too. Yup. My mom.

TVBOO has developed such a unique, addictive and fun sound that can’t be categorized into one box. His talent was showcased at SMF, where Sunsetters were indeed, f*ckin’.

I ran into one Sunsetter who didn’t know who TVBOO was. I told him to stay at the set and he wouldn’t regret it. He nodded yes and we proceeded to dance our asses off for the entire set, and multiple times he looked at me and said, “You didn’t tell me it was gonna be THIS good?! My mind is literally blown right now”.

TVBOO’s goofy music matches his goofy personality — and it’s just as contagious. We are so thrilled to see what’s to come for TVBOO for the rest of this year.

TVBOO (@musicbytvboo) • Instagram photos and videos

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