SpotiFIVE – The Ultimate Festival Road Trip Game

While there’s nothing better than cutting some shapes and losing your mind at the various festivals this summer, the drive to and from those festivals can be tedious.

Once everyone has had their go on the aux cord, the friend who is trying to turn everyone onto The 1975 has been screamed down for the last time, there’s little to do but scroll through your Instagram and wait until the end of your journey.

Until now.

We here at Mic Drop Music present a new and addictive game for you to play on the way to the festival, at the festival, from the festival, or wherever. 

Introducing SpotiFIVE.

SpotiFIVE logo

The Game:

SpotiFIVE was developed by producer Dave Masterman, as part of the Made Up games segment of the Elis James and John Robbins podcast. Here are the rules:

  • A Player and a Spotify reader are nominated.
  • The Player nominates an artist.
  • The Spotify reader opens the artist page in Spotify for that artist is opened, showing their Top 5  ‘Most Popular’ tracks.
  • Players have 5 guesses to name all 5 songs in the Top 5.
  • A point is given for a track named that is in the Top 5.
  • After 5 guesses, points are tallied, and play moves onto the next person. Artists may not be repeated in the same game.
  • A round is completed once everyone has had a guess.
  • The game is completed after three rounds, with the player with the highest points total winning.


  • Players must nominate a different artist each time, and players cannot nominate an artist that has previously been nominated.
  • Guesses do not have to name the tracks in order, just a track that is present in the top 5.
  • If a track is named, the reader of the Spotify artist page tells the player which position the track they named is placed to aid them in their next guesses.
  • At the end of the round, the reader of the Spotify page tells the player which tracks they missed and in what order, to illicit mad howls of annoyance and regret from the player.

To hear the game in action, play from the 48 minute mark.

Tips & Hints:

  • Artists who are better known for their singles rather than their albums are easier to score points…
  • ..BUT artists with too many hits can be harder to score points, due to the number of hits cannibalising the top 5.
  • Artists who have recently released a new album may have new tracks from that album in the Top 5, even though their play numbers for those tracks may be very low.
  • Just because your selected artist is your favorite, doesn’t mean you will know all of the songs in the Top 5…

Sounds easy right? No cheating – can you guess the top 5 tracks for the artists below?

See? That wasn’t so easy was it?

Oh was it easy?

Really? Fine.


  • Players who guess all 5 correctly receive a bonus point
  • Other Players may guess tracks for an opponent’s artist if their opponent hasn’t guess all top 5 tracks correctly and ‘steal’ a point.
  • Other players nominate artists for their opponents.

Still too easy? Right!

New Game + Mode: 

  • All modifiers are active.
  • Participants must name the top 5 tracks IN ORDER.

Let us know how you go!

Legal: Mic Drop Music does not accept responsibility for damaged property, pride or friendships due to the playing of this game. 

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