Artist Spotlight: Amtrac

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Allow us to introduce you to Caleb Cornett, you may know him as Amtrac, an American electronic music producer, singer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter.

For many in the EDM scene, Amtrac is an artist who needs no introduction. His albums, Came Along in 2011 and Hey There Kidd in 2012, established his signature deep house sounds. The synths and vocals he uses to progressively interact with the crowds rhythm is something many call “holy”. Songs like “Just” and “Informal Disco” sound as if they are telling a story through just the beats he creates. Adding a progressive tone to the house genre always keeps the crowd’s tempo up and at the same time gives a very relaxed sensation while listening.

Fans took notice to his unconventional sound, and by 2016 Amtrac was headlining his own North American tour. He was showcased in major cities like Miami for WMC and Las Vegas for EDC. His success has not only been commercial, but critically acclaimed as well. Amtrac has received praise for his mastery of sounds combining indie dance with deep house, something many house artists don’t experiment with. Fast forward to 2017, Amtrac created his own record label, Openers. This was after launching his hugely successful EP 1987, which went on to accumulate tens of millions of streams across every streaming platform.

It’s been a steady but deserved rise to stardom for this artist, and for now, we look forward to what Caleb releases next. Listen to some of our favorite sounds by Amtrac below.

Just by Amtrac:

Madness to Mayhem by Amtrac:

Informal Disco by Amtrac:

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