Ever want to get in touch with your unhinged side? Tap into the darker parts of your psyche? Scare yourself by diving deep into your brain? Here is a collection of songs that will do just that. These songs are sure to make you question your reality and help you loosen a couple of screws up there.

“Mandy” by yeule

The uncanny musical bugs at the beginning, the unintelligible, stereoscopic voices whispering into your ear, and the build up to a psychotic peak are perfect for a dive into the more unhinged part of your psyche.

“You Might Think He Loves You for Your Money but I Know What He Really Loves You for It’s Your Brand New Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat” by Death Grips

Every part of this track exudes insanity, from the incredibly long title to the frantic, out-of-breath, slurred vocal delivery to the screaming and tire screech samples, to the heavy, sludgy headbanging section, to the crazy lasers. 

“stupid horse” by 100 gecs

The totally opposite end of the insanity spectrum from the past two entries is home to hyperpop group 100 gecs. The craziness of this track spawns from its absurdity and kookiness. The gecs drew inspiration from ska (which is already crazy enough) and pushed it to the absolute extreme. The manipulated vocals and bonkers lyrics about fighting horse jockeys are definitely a recipe to get in touch with your deranged and manic side.

“Requiem Mass in D Minor, K. 626: III. Lacrimosa” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

When it comes to exploring the darker parts of the mind, classical music totally dominates the competition. Composed by Mozart on his deathbed, this Requiem gives us a look into the mind of a man staring into the abyss, knowing he will soon be a part of it. Listen to the next song on this playlist immediately after this one, and get a glimpse into what happens after death.

“Requiem: Dies irae” by Giuseppe Verdi

In my mind, this song paints the picture of a man being dragged into the depths of hell. The falling strings and downwards motion in the melody bring to mind images of demons and hellfire– a surefire way to tap into your own existential dread. Listening to “Lacrimosa” immediately before “Dies irae” tells a story– “Lacrimosa” is a man standing face to face with his mortality, about to cross over onto the other side. “Dies irae” is when that man does cross over. The man is terrified of his fate, and must face it despite this terror. 


Let’s jump back to hyperpop after our brief classical diversion. This track, by SOPHIE, can only be described as a disgustingly organic banger. SOPHIE incorporates samples and synths that sound like farts, puts them on top of one of the most earwormy dance beats– the classic four-on-the-floor– weaves in her signature vocal timbres and melodies, and uses structural variations in order to create a dance track that leaves you questioning what music really can be.

“Stress” by Justice

This EDM track opens with electronically manipulated strings before transitioning into a heavy electronic beat doused with dissonance. The repetition, driving drum beat, vocal samples, and explosive synth chord stabs all serve to drill their way into the deepest recesses of your brain and stay there.

“Degulated Jaz” by Open Reel Ensemble

Who knew that the reel-to-reel player could be made into an instrument? Ei Wada did. This ensemble is composed of people physically manipulating tape recorders and the samples on them, and this specific track uses some crazy samples and manipulation techniques in order to create a track that is nothing short of psychotic. 

“Haunted Graffiti” by Ariel Pink

Recorded entirely in a college dorm, this song totally encapsulates the ethereal, otherworldly, mischievous, cheesy paranormal vibe. The lofi recording, doubled vocal track, spoken word section, floaty synth pads, and string samples all make me think of ghosts up to no good.

Did this playlist make you hear the voices?

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