It is one of my new year’s resolutions this year to make an effort to listen to smaller artists. Often times they are just as talented as the big names like Harry Styles or Beyoncé, but we just don’t give them a chance. In this day and age with a reliance on streaming, it’s very important to support smaller artists. Here is a list at some of my favorite up and coming artists with under 50,000 monthly listeners.

Hall johnson

This song in particular by Hall Johnson is a feel good summer romance sort of vibe. With a simple soft guitar loop and beautiful backing vocals, he creates a warm feeling. This is definitely a “my life is a movie” song perfect for driving around in the summer or imagining that. Also check out some of his newer songs such as “Strangers”.


Patrick Martin is a Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter originally from Saukville, WI. His voice reminds me of the popular artist: Quinn XCII, though it is very unique and different from others. “Cinema Love” is a poppy tune with a bit of an electric feel. Make sure to check out his discography.


The next indie up and coming artist is named Regan Sparkles, no not Robin Sparkles. His song “Keylime” features a sort of pitched down instrumental backing with mundane but warm vocals. Check out Sparkles’ latest single: “Look-At-Me”.


I was originally drawn in by the visually stunning and wildly creative music video, but it turns out the song itself is just as good. It’s really rare you find independents with this level of artistry and execution. We can’t wait to see and hear more from this up and comer.


There is such a reliance on streaming in the music industry, it’s important to give these small artists a chance. Follow them on their social media and contribute to their streams. In this day and age, the key to success in the music industry surrounds streaming and social media success in order to be signed to a record label. Let’s give these independents some of the shine they deserve!

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