Daisy Chain Is Making Waves In San Diego

So, you may be wondering, what exactly is Daisy Chain? I’ve chosen to highlight this small business because of the exceptional work they have been doing the past year. The event company founded by San Clemente Native, Player Dave, has earned a reputation for hosting the sexiest bass music shows in SoCal, and January 14th is one you don’t want to miss.

Building a Culture

Of The Trees // Photo: @brent_chastang

Player Dave is very intentional about building a culture in San Diego – and you can feel it when you’re at the events. The deep connections shared between the staff and artists, as well as the guests, are impossible to ignore. It really does feel like a party with your friends.

What sets Daisy Chain apart from other music collectives is the raw talent they consistently book. Each show is a vast listening experience, providing each artist the opportunity to shine in their individual creative expression. It all comes together, mastering what it means to create a multi-layered collaborative piece of art.

A hundred Drums // Photo: @tygerdison

Blending sub-genres of bass music so seamlessly together at each of their events has proven to be a successful potion for the collective. Whether it’s experimental bass, drum and bass, or garage, there’s somethin’ for everyone.

Approaching their one-year anniversary, Daisy Chain has brought sumthin sumthin, Potions, A Hundred Drums, Of The Trees, EAZYBAKED, Chee, Jon Casey, and Tsuruda to San Diego – just to name a few.

Daisy Chain #7 Lineup

January 14th, 2023 is the day to celebrate their first year and to kick off year two with a bang. Grammy nominated producer and 1/2 of shades, EPROM, will be headlining at Spin Nightclub with support from Mad Zach, Saka, Curra, and HuntHux.

Daisy Chain describes the production very humbly as “just bringing our friends to play music in San Diego.

If you think this will be just another friendly renegade with the homies, think again. Daisy Chain is that, but it is so much more. The talent, production, love, and genuine community is overflowing with these guys and it’s crystal clear.

Get your tickets before they sell out here.

Date: Jan. 14, 2023 // Location: Spin Nightclub, San Diego, CA

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