Plasmic Just Ghosted You!

Plasmic newest song, “Ghosted You,” dropped a couple of weeks ago, and it has been living in my head rent free ever since. The 80’s synth-pop track dives into the mindset of either being ghosted or the ghostee. Once you begin to listen, its hook within the chorus reels you in to replay! It shows how far Plasmic has come in her music industry journey.

Who is Plasmic?

Lauren Lusardi, aka Plasmic, has been in the music scene since her early days of 2017 when her first EP, Self-Titled “Plasmic,” was released on Spotify. She has committed to her work and consistently put herself out there. Booking herself in shows all around Los Angeles, London, and New York. Even opening for amazing acts such as Soft Cell and Missing Persons. From her first album to her latest release, you can see how far Plasmic has come as a queer woman in the industry. My favorite thing about Plasmic is the biggest thing that makes her memorable! It is her pink grunge aesthetic that you can’t miss, but her entire persona that leaves you breathless. What you must know about Plasmic is she is self-taught! Producing, writing, and engineering her music, being her own man in a man’s world!

“Ghosted You” Song Review:

As the singer described on LADYGUNN, the song is “an unrequited queer love song highlighting the sides of being ghosted and ghosting someone.” The one thing that struck out was her powerful lyricism within the song, using lyrics such as

“The Truth is I’m not into you, I just wanna die.”

Leaving you to interpret questions left open-ended for the audience to decide what we consider as Ghosting. The one thing that Plasmic mentioned was how important it was necessary to take accountability. The song’s production is quite catchy as you go through the entire piece. Plasmic had mentioned it was her first time working with another producer, Martin Cooke, who took this to another level for the artist and creative direction.

don’t sleep on plasmic

I’ve known Plasmic to be a star for a while, but I can feel her really take off with her latest single! This song is a must listen. It feels fresh and vocally leaves you at a repeat stance within your inner self. Feeling like “Am I the villain?” but in a reflecting kind of way.

“Ghosted you” is available on Spotify, and check out Plasmic latest lyric video on YouTube.

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