Euphoria has transformed pop culture since its release. It exploded in popularity and inspired iconic outfits and stunning makeup looks. A lot of the trends you see on social media come from the show, including taking over our Tik Tok FYP’s. If you’ve never watched Euphoria, you’d be surprised how many quotes you could already recite word for word. It truly was a cultural reset.

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Another element to the show is its symbolism in every detail. They design the character’s makeup and nails in certain ways to represent their personalities or their internal battles. One of the most popular things about Euphoria is the music. Of course, the show has other songs with other artists like Billie Eilish or Lana Del Ray. But most of the time the show sticks to Labrinth’s album that was specifically made for the show.

Euphoria' Season 2 Soundtrack: All of the songs in the HBO Max series

The creator of Euphoria, Sam Levinson, recruited Labrinth to watch the show to inspire him to create the soundtrack. Labrinth used the characters and their situations in the show to invoke feelings from the audience. A lot of the characters have songs that are dedicated to them and their plotline.


“Euphoria Funfair” is a song from the iconic fair scene when Maddy says “Yeah I’m not supposed to be here right now because I’m dressed like a hooker, and none of you like me.” Labrinth said he wanted to capture the feelings of the unsteady roller coasters, creating excitement with a little bit of an edge to get the audience nervous about what is going to happen. The song sounds like edgy but creepy circus music – you can feel the anticipation when you listen to it.

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The cool thing about the music is that it is consistently used throughout the episodes. It conditions the fans to feel a certain type of way when a specific song plays.


There’s a track called “Nate Growing Up”, an intense song that plays usually when Nate is being introduced. It played during the first episode of season 2 (no spoilers here) and before the camera could even pan over to Nate, everyone knew who was about to pop on their TV screen.

Euphoria star Jacob Elordi on Nate-Fezco fight, Cassie romance |

The show touches on some tough subjects like drug addiction and the struggles of high school, but you wouldn’t really be able to feel like you’re part of the show without the music. Levinson describes Labrinth’s music style as “Danny Elfman meets YEEZUS meets gospel” and I don’t think he could have described it any better. The soundtrack gives this soulful, intense, and, dare I say, euphoric feeling that fits right into the scenes. I don’t think the show could work as well as it does without this soundtrack.

Here’s the link to this amazing soundtrack!

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