Nick’s New Music Friday

Friday is the international day of new music. It’s when Billboard starts weekly album sale charts, meaning today is the day for artists to drop their new projects. This week has some especially exciting music, from new singles to Album of the Year contenders. I’ve got the best new stuff from today lined up for you.


Kaytranada- BUBBA

It has been 3 long years since the last album from super producer Kaytranada. His last album 99.9% was an undergraduate degree on dance music, BUBBA is the doctorate. Every song flows into the next like an extended bolier room party. At 17 songs and 50 minutes, it really may as well be a full set. The guest list on this is flashy with spots from Kali Uchis, Pharrell Williams, Goldlink, and Maseago. The best comes from Tinashe on ‘The Worst in Me’. Kaytranda continues to push boundaries while keeping everything fun. It might be one of the best albums of the year.


Lil Uzi Vert – Fustal Shuffle 2020

Finally, am I right? Uzi keeps ducking dropping the album, but this should hold us over for a little bit. Now I personally don’t know how to Fustal shuffle, but I can picture Lil Uzi doing it so that counts right? The beat on this sounds like it should be playing during a Tron racing scene and Uzi bounces on it perfectly. We need to have a serious conversation about how good of a rapper he really is. He dropped this just in time for Rolling Loud, ensuring some extra magical for the crowd this weekend. I expect nothing less from his performance.



Free Nationals- Free Nationals

This band name may ring a bell due to rapper-soul superstar Anderson. Paak. The Free Nationals have been behind him since the Malibu album. Taking their relationship from the studio to the road for tours, they have become somewhat of a packaged deal. Now, they are stepping out on their own with a little help from their friends. The album is loaded with features from Paak, Syd of the Internet, Kali Uchis, the late Mac Miller, and many more. A funk-filled album, with live instrumentals providing a refreshing listen after so much technology and production in modern music. Don’t be shocked when this album impresses you.

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