Azizi Gibson Drops Highly Anticipated CHIMERA ACT

Azizi Gibson has been a worldwide presence since day one. The cultured rapper was born a military brat in Frankfurt, Germany and raised in Bangkok, Thailand… yet found his home in rap music. Gibson is releasing his 8th studio album this Friday the 13th titled, CHIMERA ACT. This is his first release since 2018, so needless to say anticipation runs high among his fans.

Azizi’s sound is unlike any other. He attributes his range from having grown up around the world and being exposed to eclectic music. With deep bass in his beats and catchy ad libs, Azizi Gibson captures listeners after just one song.

On December 6th, Gibson released “5 Page Letter”, which is his third single off the new album.

Until Friday, I will be spending my time reminiscing through his discography. Some of my old favorites are, “Cabaret”, “96 Bounce”, and “Smoking with the Gods”.

According to Spotify, Azizi Gibson has 635,778 monthly listeners. Despite being eight albums in, he’s still a rising artist. It’s clear he works endlessly to release music for his fans. Azizi Gibson is unique because he knows what is popular and what songs make the radio, but he continues to stay true to himself and his personal sound. Artists like Azizi make music because it is their passion, not just to make millions of dollars. Considering the long year it has been without an album from him, Azizi’s fans are ready to hear what he has to bring to the table this Friday the 13th.

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