Lil Nas X is in Hot Water

Okay. I assume, at this point, you have either already watched the video above or you have watched it just now.

Let us now express our opinions on said video.


*cough* Excuse me. That was excessive.

Okay, What’s the deal here?

So back in March, Lil Nas X announced a collaboration with Brooklyn based art collective MSCHF to promote his new single “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)”. The “drop” was redesigned limited edition Nike Air Max 97 shoes dubbed “Satan Shoes”.

Each shoe is branded with a certain number out of 666, because that’s how many pairs were sold, along with the Bible quote Luke 10:18. A pentagram chain also adorns the front of each shoe.

While all of these details can be pretty DAMNING (ba dum tsh), the last detail is the one people take the most issue with. On the bottom of each shoe there is a small amount of red liquid, and in that liquid is one drop of human blood.

Many people thought that Lil Nas X’s last music video was evil enough. If you missed it, it depicted the star sliding down a pole to hell and… uh, well, I won’t say what else because I don’t want to get shaddowbanned. But Montero wasn’t simply trying to make people angry and scared over his video- he wanted to make a statement.

Being a gay man born and raised in Georgia, he was terrified of his sexuality and promised himself as a teen that he would never tell anyone (not even himself) who he really was. All his life he had heard from the church that all gay people go to hell. So his message, according to Twitter, was- Okay! You’ve been telling me this all that time, and yet when I embrace it you’re still mad? It sounds like you want me to suffer no matter what I do. So I’ll just do what I want!

There’s my soapbox of the day.

But the human blood thing was an issue. In fact, Nike was so upset that they sued MSCHF and Lil Nas X over use of their shoe design and logo, and the trial itself started on Tuesday. The same day, of course, Lil Nas X released the appropriately styled preview for his new single “Industry Baby”, coming out on Friday!

So, waddaya think? Will you take a listen? Fair warning, Lil Nas X did tweet that the video was not for kids, so don’t show anyone that hasn’t already had their soul tarnished by the internet.

Oh, and here’s the link to the new website he created too!

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