Artist Spotlight: Anatole Muster

I’ve discovered plenty of cool jazz-related artists recently. Instagram and TikTok in particular have become hubs for musicians of all kinds to share their content, and some extremely talented people have joined the party. One such artist is Anatole Muster, a nineteen year old Swiss guy who slays the jazz accordion. At first glance, he may seem pretty unusual. Yet, he’s won me over instantly.

Like a lot of burgeoning musicians nowadays, Muster has taken to Instagram and posted videos of him jamming or playing songs, often alongside other artists. For example, here he is playing along to a video created by another popular Instagram musician, Button Masher:

Both of these guys (and others on Instagram and beyond) have tons of music theory knowledge and an inclination towards jazz. Interestingly enough, Knower (a group I’ve previously covered) has a lot in common with them. I guess that quite a few young jazz musicians have taken to the internet to build a following.

Muster’s recent projects are really inspiring to me. While he’s well known for his videos on social media, he has released some singles as well as an EP called Outlook. Outlook’s production is quite polished, especially since he produces all of his music in his basement. Out of all of Muster’s music, my personal favorite is “Vacuum Lessons”, a single he made with daniel hayn and Tennyson. It’s such a cool song, and his solo towards the end has been living in my head rent free for a few days now. Here’s the full track:

Muster is just one of the many great musicians who have taken to social media to carve out their own little niches. I hope to see more of these kinds of videos on Instagram as I continue exploring. For all I know, I’ll find some jazz digeridoo next, which is a great thing. Sure, Instagram has been problematic lately (Facebook owns it, after all), but it has proven to be a pretty good place for musicians to gain exposure.

I would have written an essay on Muster if I knew more about the guy, but he’s pretty new to the music scene and there isn’t tons of information about him online. My recommendation is that you check out his Instagram page and listen to him play; it’s one hundred percent worth it.

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