III Points: You Can Keep that Stolen Piece of my Heart

I’m just going to get right to the point, you are my favorite festival, III Points. After last weekend, it’s safe to say that, out of the billions of festivals that I have been to… you are the chosen one.

I want to keep this relationship going till the end of time. Please don’t dump me.

Walking through the city, I felt the energy creep up as vogue-esque fashionable festival goers pranced through the Wynwood Walls and found themselves at the unique entry way of the festival. Artist Erica Bernhard created an entrance piece that looks like it came out of a Black Mirror episode. A square tunnel of lights visually glitched and sound audibly electrified as this portal took you in.

The Experience

III Points is beautifully laid out: stages are close enough to walk comfortably, and far enough to where you hear absolutely no sound bleeding. The grounds are dripping in art installations, delicious food, and exciting vendors making the walkways alive.

My favorite vendor was the Espolon Tequila tent. Free. Tequila. Yeah, no joke. That wasn’t the reason why it was my favorite, though. Their vibe and energy was off the charts. They lured you in with promises of tequila swag and gambling. And people gladly congregated there. An open guitar case was perfectly placed on the table with trinkets from festival goers: half finished birth control packets, jewelry, and dazed barbie dolls.

Coming in at a close second, Shamanic Tonic brought a zen paradise serving delicious healthy superfood shots with holistic vitamins, herbs, and spices. They even blessed my tonic with some of the greatest energy I’ve ever felt!

The blu Ecigs vendor area had a free-falling experience. With three different heights, dare devils had the option to jump onto an inflatable surface with no strings attached. 

This 420 loving crowd was living their best lives. Weedmaps had a set up where people could talk to a certified doctor and receive their medical marijuana card on site. After that smokey visit, Skate Space gave guests the opportunity to burn off all those munchie calories.


Hosted by Heineken, AETHER by Max Cooper and the Architecture Social Club is a stunning art installation with lasers and striking music. Cool electronic murals graced the walls from stage to stage. In the Boiler Room, massive visual blinking eyeballs looked condescendingly down on the sweaty dancers. The art really pulled III Points together as a festival.


This is why we’re here, right? To celebrate the music. Below are some of my favorite sets from the weekend.

1. Tyler the Creator

Wow. His stage presence is remarkable. So much energy and so much passion in one body. I swear his eyes lit up with fire every time he started a song. I saw Tyler the Creator back in 2013 at a small bar in Columbia, MO. This set reconnected me with his music again and now I’m a devoted lifetime fan.

2. Yaeji

THIS. QUEEN. THE QUEEN OF ALL QUEENS quite possibly. Deep, bumping house music and a voice only heard by celestial beings. The crowd at her set was the best crowd of the weekend. No phones were out and everyone was straight vibing. It was sublime and I want to relive that moment forever and ever.

3. Virtual Self

Oh Porter, you’ve done it again. The lasers. OH. THE LASERS. My first time seeing him as Virtual Self and man… He blew me away. DDR, please make a comeback and Porter, play at my Dance Dance Revolution championship.

4. James Blake

photo by mkbruix

James, you have acquired a new fan. Sultry instrumental sounds and that divine voice really did something to me. I was in a trance and it was something I’ve never experienced before.

5. Keinemusik

Five hours of PURE BLISS. This trio of Adam Port, &ME, and Rampa stole the dancefloor and all the souls in it. Check out their set:

6. Kike Roldan

Okay.. I stumbled into Door IV and came across Kike Roldan. A local Miami musical connoisseur, he was seriously feeling out the crowd and had everyone dancing at 4 a.m. A beautiful mix of dancers and two-steppers, the energy of this set and crowd was invigorating. You could feel it through to your core.

7. Honey Dijon

ANOTHER. QUEEN. If you want to be on your feet dancing all night… See Honey Dijon. Her music and playing style is unlike any other. It’s like she knows exactly what you want to hear. Are you in my head?

8. Moscoman

Tribal, enticing, groovy. The three perfect words to describe an experience by Moscoman. The way he makes a crowd move is truly a beautiful thing to watch. a Journey in itself, make it a point to see Moscoman whenever he is on the roster.

III Points is the experience of a lifetime that truly can’t be put into words. Don’t miss out on the passion and musical persistence that III Points puts out year after year. Thank you, III Points.

All photos (except otherwise noted) by our amazing photographer Max Rykov

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