G Jones Electrifies Philadelphia On His Ineffable Truth Live Tour

One of 2019’s most highly anticipated tours kicked off earlier this month, and so far, it’s been everything we wanted and more. I got the privilege to attend G Jone’s Ineffable Truth Live tour at the downtown centric TLA Theatre in Philadelphia this past weekend, and experienced an incomparable performance. I packed into an entirely sold out show, many attendees and dedicated fans traveling from neighboring cities just to witness this one-of-a-kind electronic music showcase. A true masterpiece brought to life, the Ineffable Truth live was an experience too great for words, though I’ll do my best.

Following his critically acclaimed Ineffable Truth album release, this coinciding tour has been Greg’s child from the moment he publicly announced official tour dates back at the end of 2018. The amount of time, dedication, and inexplicable amount of creativity that was put into the Ineffable Truth tour’s overall production is something other-worldly. From the get-go, I could feel the amount of thrill and excitement in the air as we awaited for G Jones to appear on stage.

Once the clock struck eight, attendees raided the TLA Theatre and warmed up to the electrifying vibes that were about to take over the entire show’s duration. The tour’s merchandise table was stacked with some of the most simple yet intricately designed clothing and accessory items, representing the extraordinary G Jones brand adequately. Full of eager fans, many items were already sold out or limited in sizes within the first hour of the venue’s doors being open! As the night proceeded, openers Chee and Tsuruda strikingly set the tone for the rest of the evening with their unique sounds, both which mirrored those mysterious notes portrayed in many of Greg’s tunes. Each in their own original manner. Their back to back sets surely took a toll on the crowd, hyping up the energy in the atmosphere to an all-time high until it was time for the main act to commence.

Once midnight rolled around, there he was. In a pitch black room full of enthusiastic fans and continuously striking strobe lights. G Jones intensified the energy in the air even more with his perplexing opening. From here on out, we became entirely submerged into Greg’s soul-consuming live sounds. With the show being an entirely live set, there was definitely a difference between this production style in comparison to that of his typical music festival appearances. Although both types of sets have been notably remarkable, this Ineffable Truth live set felt more intimate and wholesome, reflecting everything Greg hoped to portray into both the album and the tour’s content alike. It was obvious that his vision was for his fans to truly dive into his intricately mysterious realm of sounds, and to capture the essence of the meaning behind all of his newest tracks. Blending popular tracks from the album with unreleased tunes, G Jones consistently had us all on our toes as the night proceeded. Not wanting it to ever end, his final track mellowed down in tempo and closed out the show in the most remedying way possible.

From the intricately designed lighting, stage, and visual production to the exquisite amount of intensified energy dispersed throughout the crowd, The Ineffable Truth Live was truly an experience like no other. It’s difficult to  describe such an unparalleled level of production and musical creativity, as G Jones’s work is nothing but a masterpiece brought to life through the power of sound. Entirely unique to the human senses, if you have a chance to experience any of his upcoming Ineffable Truth tour stops, I highly suggest attending in a city near you. I’m still buzzing from his Philadelphia stop, and can’t wait to witness what Greg will bring to the electronic music scene from here on out!

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