Ice Spice & PinkPantheress Join Forces On “Boy’s a Liar Pt.2”

The newest baddies on the block have finally teamed up to give us a song that is worthy of being left on repeat! The original track, which PinkPantheress co-produced with Mura Masa, is now getting a bonus addition. This new version features the Bronx based rapper Ice Spice, who adds a verse on the newest track.

HOW DID this duo come together?

PinkPantheress recently told NME she successfully landed the collaboration with NYC’s newest rap star by LITERALLY sliding into the DMs! She noticed that Spice was following her on Instagram and took the chance of DMing her, doubting a reply but went for it anyway.

“I thought it was cool because I didn’t think she even knew who I was. I popped in [the DMs] and said, ‘Whenever you’re in the UK, I’d love to meet.’

Another funny thing about this collaboration was that Pink was hesitant to remix the track after it became one of her biggest songs. Also, most rappers may struggle to rap over the type of music she produces. However, Ice Spice blends into the track super well. PinkPantheress also mentions that Ice Spice flows are unique, and the beat she chooses differs from most rappers.

“A lot of people would struggle with the beats I choose, but I knew she’d be good for it.”

Once you see the sweeter side of Ice Spice, it makes you think that she’s more than just a savage. I believe this song allowed her audience and others to show her vulnerable side and created more of another character in her artistry.

They even blessed us with a music video!

If the song wasn’t enough to get you excited, they released a music video in tandem. The video captures the beauty of these queens as they wander around New York from a fire staircase to the subway station. It was a relatively cute video for the girls, gays, and they’s to pair with the new song. I would have to say this song with the video is a bop and should not be skipped, especially if you want the feeling of claiming your power back from a guy who did you dirty.

“Boy’s A Liar Pt. 2” is available on all streaming services, and check out the video above! Be sure to add this song to your playlist asap!

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