Ariana Grande Is Commiting To Character For Wicked

If you have been wondering where pop star Ariana Grande has been lately, you’re not the only one. She’s currently in the midst of shooting for the long-awaited movie adaptation of the hit Broadway musical: Wicked. The catchy songs and heartwarming story line has captured audiences since 2003 in over 100 cities in 15 countries. Now director Jon Chu is bringing it to our homes with an absolutely star-studded cast.


Wicked is a prequel to the classic story The Wizard of Oz. The musical hones in around the story of Elphaba, the wicked witch of the west and how she got to where she is. It also includes the tale of her friendship with Galinda, or better known as “Glinda the Good Witch”. The music is composed by legend Stephen Schwartz, whose other works include Pippin, Godspell, and much more.

The smash hit on Broadway has been watched by over 30 million people. Therefore, the movie adaptation is heavily anticipated by fans. There is a bit of controversy floating around the format of the movie. The first part will be released in December of 2024 and the second part will be released a year later in 2025. Some say that this will break up the flow of the musical.


Wicked was originally made famous with their incredible original cast, Broadway legends, Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth. Their voices fit so distinctly with their respective characters. Because their performances were so iconic, it was a hard task to find the new faces of the Wicked movie.

Pop star legend Ariana Grande has been cast as Galinda, which is no surprise. Her light airy voice mixed with her dainty yet powerful presence, makes her absolutely perfect for the part. Additionally, she has seen Kristin Chenoweth as a mentor throughout her career as they worked together in Hairspray Live. The singer has been teasing bits and pieces via her TikToks as of recently.


wanted to sing you a little something but don’t want to sing anything that is not “Ozian” at the moment 🙂 keeping to my little bubble for now … done with lots of love.

♬ original sound – arianagrande

The part of Elphaba is one of the most vocally demanding roles in the history of musical theatre. The producers casted the Tony and Grammy award winning Cynthia Erivo. I have no doubt that she will make an absolutely fabulous Elphaba. Consequently, I am extremely excited to see how the two talented actresses interact and how the chemistry flows on the screen.


Fans, including myself, are ecstatic to see how this incredible musical translates to the silver screen. Critics have high hopes and with the popularity of Ariana Grande, I’m sure fans will make sure that the film performs well. Check out the incredible soundtrack linked below if you haven’t already.

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