Elrow Returns to Brooklyn This Fall With Oceanic Theme: ‘El Triangulo De Las Rowmudas’

To all New York City party scene dwellers and electronic music lovers alike, Elrow is back and better than ever. This upcoming fall, Elrow presents their third NYC event of 2018 at Avant Gardner in the heart of Brooklyn’s most hip and music-savvy scene. This time around, the masterminds behind Elrow’s consistently phenomenal productions decided to bring a spectacular ocean theme right when the cold weather hit, bringing the island vibes to our frozen city.

For the very first time, El Triangulo De Las Rowmudas is coming to North America. This November 24th, get ready to embark on an immersive Pirates of the Caribbean meets the Lost City of Atlantis whimsical journey. Accompanied by Elrow’s renowned extravagant decor, live performers, and back to back sensational sounds from the most dominant names in the electronic music world, this under the sea fiesta sure is one you won’t want to skip out on.

This specific El Triangulo De Las Rowmudas theme was just recently featured in Ibiza’s very own pristine Amnesia nightclub, and the results were unbelievable. I mean, what else do you expect from such a visionary international music event brand? And of course, behind the concept of the Rowmudas theme lies an extraordinary tale of its own. This is how the Elrow curators themselves tell the tale:

“We threw a party on a pirate ship, but somewhere between Atlantis and Es Vedrá the ship went off course and entered the white island’s wildest waters: the Rowmuda Triangle…”

Just imagine a wild fiesta full of shipwrecks, crashed planes, and insane sea creatures and performers intertwined with eccentric live electronic music all under the same raging sea. With the lineup yet to be fully disclosed, this holiday season New York City will be grasping a taste of the sea’s most hypnotic and wildest creatures. November can’t come soon enough!

Register for first access ticket sales to Elrow’s November NYC show here: http://www.elrowlandings.com/nyc/

A preview of this past Elrow Ibiza – Triangulo De Las Rowmudas at Amnesia:

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