Dive Deep Into Lane 8’s Melodic Masterpiece ‘Brightest Lights’

Releasing an album at the beginning of a new year can seem like a risky move to some artists. Deep-house guru Lane 8 took the risk anyway and proved otherwise. With the hopes of helping his fans kick-off 2020 on a positive note, Daniel has finally leaked his highly anticipated project titled ‘Brightest Lights’ and it is an absolute musical masterpiece.

The fourteen track feel-good work of art consists of the most beautifully curated deep and melodic house instrumentals I’ve heard in a while. Each song is accompanied with meaningful lyrics that encompass the most sentimental aspects of every day human life. Since his early musical upbringing, Lane 8’s music has always illustrated uplifting qualities that take listeners straight into nirvana, a place so serene with no hopes of ever escaping. From beginning to end, ‘Brightest Lights’ does exactly that.

A whirlwind of emotional appeal, ‘Brightest Lights’ embodies a sound dynamic unparalleled to the rest. Lane 8 tells his unique story through every track on the album, each resembling a significant emotion or moment in time that has led to this: the spectacular now.

Whether you’re in your feels and want to let it all out or simply want to vibe out to some soul-filling melodic beats, ‘Brightest Lights’ should be your album of choice. Luckily, if you’re a huge Lane 8 fan like myself, his upcoming ‘Brightest Lights’ worldwide tour set to accompany this stunning album kicks-off at the end of the month and goes all the way through early June.

Its safe to say that Lane 8 is just as thrilled to share his new project with the world, as we are to finally listen to it. His music speaks volumes, and even just a few seconds into the first track of the album an exquisite amount of hope and enlightenment emerges, just as he intended it to.

“My new album ‘Brightest Lights’ is out today. I made this album in the hopes that it would bring a little joy into your life in these crazy times. I hope in some small way I’ve accomplished that goal. Thank you all so so much for supporting me along this journey. Lots of love and thanks for listening – Daniel “

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