Emotional Oranges: The Most Exclusive and Elusive Duo in Music

In 2017 at a bat mitzvah, Drake’s engineer (Emo) and Adele’s vocal coach (V) came together and became duo Emotional Oranges. The duet keeps their identities secret and go by the names of “Emo” and “V”. The couple are the epitome of what people dream of – they’re able to make amazing music and keep their alias’s unknown.

On May 4, 2018, the group released their very first single called “Motion”. It became the theme song of RuPaul’s Drag Race 2018. Also, just this past year, Emotional Oranges released their first two studio albums titled, The Juice, Vol. I and The Juice, Vol. II.

Providing listeners with an R&B-pop and neo soul vibe, this group continues to excel. Although they are fairly new to the music scene, I have no doubt that their popularity will explode very soon. The beats and melodies I get from listening remind me of Majid Jordan, who is absolutely amazing. If you’re a fan of him, there’s no doubt you won’t love Emotional Oranges.

From their latest album The Juice, Vol. II, my favorite songs are “Sundays”, “Just Like You”, “Your Best Friend Is A Hater”, and “Heal My Desires”.

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