CORPSE and Bring Me The Horizon Join Forces On New Single

On June 29th, 2023, American YouTuber CORPSE (also known as Corpse Husband) surprised his fans with his collaboration with British rock band Bring Me The Horizon. CORPSE has risen in popularity ever since the launch of his Corpse Husband channel in 2015. Thus far, no statements have been made about the collaboration by CORPSE or Bring Me The Horizon. But the song has received overwhelmingly positive feedback regarding the collab, the long-awaited return of CORPSE, and the message behind the lyrics.

who is corpse?

CORPSE, or Corpse Husband, is a YouTuber who is famous for his deep voice. He is very adamant about keeping his name and face anonymous. CORPSE has stated that he wears a face mask at all times and does his best to avoid speaking in public because his voice is so recognizable.

Former Corpse Husband channel logo

He began his online career as a true crime YouTuber before switching to streaming and making music. However, he disappeared from his platform for over a year due to harassment from fans and an alleged leaked picture of his face. Additionally, he suffers from GERD, fibromyalgia, and thoracic outlet syndrome, which are chronic illnesses that severely limit him from making content. These factors led him to leave his platform for over a year until he returned to put all of his focus on his music career. Many of his songs are only about a minute and a half long, with his most famous one being ‘E-GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE’.

Finally, CORPSE has reached a point where the harassment has died down and he can get back to doing what he loves most while keeping his chronic illnesses under control.

‘code mistake’- Corpse x Bring me the horizon

‘Code Mistake’ is an intense song about chronic illness. As previously states, CORPSE regularly deals with three chronic illnesses that cause him a series of problems. The first verse describes what chronic illness does to him physically, as he deals with constant pain and discomfort. Because of this, time feels like it is going by slowly as he waits for the pain to subside.

The second verse describes what chronic illness does to him mentally. His mind is constantly clouded as he tries to get through each day with his symptoms and even considers ending his own life. He also speaks about the medication he needs to function such as taking Adderall to get out of bed in the morning and Omeprazole to deter his acid reflux. Throughout the song, he expresses that his loved ones try to comfort him. But their comfort feels empty to him because they cannot truly sympathize with what he goes through. At the end of the song, he states that he feels like a ‘code mistake’ that was never meant to exist.

CORPSE’s Tirade single cover

The song is a mix of CORPSE’s techno and Bring Me The Horizon’s heavy metal. This mix in genres amplifies the intensity of the message. CORPSE also shows off his death growl abilities in the chorus.

‘Code Mistake’ was a very personal project for CORPSE and spoke to many people with chronic illness. Additionally, it is one of the artist’s greater songs and I hope we can hear many more like it.

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