Just this Friday, Jan. 21, 2022, Shenseea and Megan Thee Stallion released their newest song and music video. “Lick,” was meant to be a noteworthy collaboration, but it ended up leaving fans underwhelmed.

Fans say the song was a bootleg WAP 2.0. Many listeners felt disappointed with Shenseea; she is an artist known for being multifaceted. Not only known for her vocals, but her lyrics, and her ability to rap too.

Unfortunately, this song just did not show off that talent.

The Jamaican, dancehall icon has proved that she deserves a spot in mainstream music. This is undeniable, especially after hearing her impressive verses that are featured on Kanye’s Donda. That is the type of talent that fans expected in this new collaboration.

On top of that, some fans even claimed that the hook in “Lick” was a rip off of Denise Belfon’s song “Work.” Belfon later, assured listeners that “everything was above board.” The soca singer went on to say that she hopes Shenseea’s song will top the charts.

The Music Video

Other than that, the music video itself sparked some backlash as well. Many viewers commented on the fact that the video was too sexual.

For this reason, many believed that the sexuality in the video distracted from the talent that Shenseea possesses.

Shenseea’s response

Afterwards, Shenseea spoke out on the backlash her new song had received. While many fans see this song as a step away from her dancehall roots, the “Blessed” singer claims that this is just part of her evolution, and her hopes to “level up.”

I have never aspired to be a dancehall queen because I am not only gonna be doing dancehall and I am not going to put myself in no box to please nobody so please don’t expect that from me.


So, what do you think? Did you love or hate the new collaboration between Shenseea and Meg?

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