Grimes Is Back! And She’s a Red-Eyed Warrior Elf?

Intergalactic warfare, lightsabers, a red-eyed warrior elf, and… Jennie from BLACKPINK?  Yes, you heard me correctly. In Grimes’ newest song, “Shinigami Eyes”, she visits a futuristic, intergalactic world full of vibrant colors, a new fashion statement, and a cameo appearance by Jennie from BLACKPINK.

The song and music video, released Wednesday Jan. 26, have this dark but poppy sound and feel to it. Something edgy, but poppy enough to vibe comfortably with. The lyrics themselves are pretty cool by using allusions to popular anime.

Grimes sings in the intro and chorus of the track, referencing Japanese anime series Death Note:

“I like making friends with demons/ You need special eyes to see ’em / Have you got your Shinigami eyes on? / Are you ready to die? / Got my Shinigami eyes on / Everything is fine,”.

The official trailer for the song, posted on Tuesday, had a clip of Jennie that started a buzz within the Twitterverse. On Instagra, Grimes said that Jennie had admirable work ethics and that she had “never seen such a pure talent on set.”

While there is little information on Grimes’ next project, we know that it is called BOOK 1. With what Grimes had shared with Zane Lowe, it would be a double album, which is something to definitely look forward to.

“There’s just more kind of sonic, conceptual ideas that I think need to get done to make everything make more sense. And we kind of have two album covers and it seems like a waste to throw one of them away.”


While that is exciting news, there is also talk about Grimes retiring from music all together. She talked about it with Lowe and said, “One of the reasons why I keep saying I want to retire from music is, I feel like music is… the iron grasp is getting really tight.” She continued by saying she wanted to maybe explore some other things too.

“Shinigami Eyes” has the kind of sound where it will tickle your brain in just the right way; if you’re into this genre of music. The background beat has a constant rhythm that you can tap your foot or bop your head to. This is what gives it that “stuck-in-my-head” ability.

If Grimes isn’t somewhere in your favorite genres, there still needs to be an appreciation for the art. The choreography, the visuals, and the sheer vibrancy on the screen throughout this video is enough to have me saying “oh wow”. The beat and sound was a bonus.  


Check out her new song here!


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