Can Indie Pop Make a Comeback? This California Festival Sure Is Trying

The music game has evolved into an entirely new beast over the last ten years. Long gone are the days of grinding it out at local shows and praying to make it on the radio. If only it we’re that simple now.

Making it as a band is harder than EVER before. We have stars like Justin Bieber and Soulja Boy to credit for completely evolving the way we scout talent and consume music. It’s not about radio time and tours; but streams and your social media following. Its has become crucial for artists to have an immaculate YouTube, Spotify, and Soundcloud presence; an area where certain genres are having a hard time finding their niche.

Country music, jazz, and especially indie are a few genres struggling to catch up to the pace of this new fast moving music industry. Pretty much everything social media stands for violates the core of what it means to be indie, but what choice do bands have? The indie pop genre is at a very important cross roads right now, either evolve and grow or be left in the dust like disco.

One up and coming music festival being thrown in Long Beach, CA is on a mission to keep indie pop alive, and it has the line up out of your wildest hipster dreams. Just Like Heaven released an extremely talented roster including the works of MGMT, Passion Pit, Beach House, and Phoenix just to name a few.

While the verdict is out until May 3rd-4th, we’ve already seen an impressive result in ticket sales, as the Saturday date is already completely sold out.

Could this be the revival the genre needs to get it back on it’s feet? We sure hope so.

For more information on the festival and where to purchase tickets; visit

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