Above & Beyond and Seven Lions: A Must See Miami Music Week Showcase

For the third time around, the holy trinity that is Above & Beyond is proud to present their one-of-a-kind Miami Music Week event appearance. The show is set in the heart of Miami at the open-air Old RC Cola Plant in Wynwood, Seven Lions is also set to headline the spectacular show we’re all about to experience this upcoming Thursday, March 28th. The event will also feature support from Anjuna counterparts Ben Böhmer (live), Oliver Smith, Spencer Brown, and Qrion, aiding to the show’s soul-filling intentions. A uniquely curated progressive-trance focused event, this incomparable mix of artists are the ones sure to deliver flawlessly.

The past few installments of this uplifting event sequence have held exquisite amounts of attention. Hence, why this striking event is being put on for a third time around. If you’re a fan of Above & Beyond’s electrifying progressive trance sounds, chances are you’re a fan of Seven Lions. Known for his take on mixing similar notes with his dubstep and electro-house infused personal touches. Separately, both artists are known to stir their crowds tremendously. Together and subsequent to one another, there is no way attendees won’t be completely blown away.

Coincidentally, Above & Beyond is proudly releasing their newest ‘Common Ground Companion EP’ the day right after the show. That’s just one of the few reasons as to why this event is a must-see, as unreleased tracks from the EP will most certainly be featured live for the first time around. After such prominent feedback following the release of their latest album ‘Common Ground’, the trio just couldn’t resist taking a break from producing music. Let’s just say we’re certainly not upset over that!

As a prominent member of the Anjunabeats family, Seven Lions has also been killing it with his most recent projects. Aside from presenting his own record label titled Ophelia Records to the EDM world, he’s recently released some pretty exquisite tracks in the meantime as well. The California-born producer has come out with some pretty phenomenal remixes of Above & Beyond’s already incredible tracks. His latest remix of the trio’s “Sahara Love” has astounded fans entirely, and we’re hoping to witness it live in action during his upcoming Miami appearance.

As we’re one day closer to the busiest week for electronic music, get ready for everything Above & Beyond and Seven Lions has in store Thursday night. The time has come for us to embark on the beautifully inspiring journey these two artists are create for their fans. A show incomparable to any other, it’s definitely one you won’t want to miss during this upcoming Miami Music Week installment.  A few tickets still remain, so get them now before they sell out!

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