BUKU Artist Spotlight: Yaeji

Like all other BUKU fanatics, I’m ready for the inevitable insanity that makes up most of this New Orleans festival. But one of the moments I’m most excited for is slowing it down to groove with Yaeji.

This Korean-American DJ is truly one-of-a-kind. Her beats are both soothing and vibrant, overflowing with her upbeat spirit. She may have a soft voice, oozing comfort with the familar Korean I grew up with, but her strong energy shines through. Yaeji somehow manages to capture the feeling of that first breath of crisp spring air — listening to her music is like inhaling the hope and excitement a new season brings. Her classic pulsating rhythms never fail to transport me back to the sizzling electricity that envelopes Seoul, and it’s impossible to stay still whenever her music is playing.

“raingurl” redefines house music in Yaeji’s own refreshing way, while “drink i’m sipping on” takes on a heavier, hypnotic vibe. In her songs, she effortlessly weaves Korean and English together to form her own language. She transcends past her auditory talents, however, to also create incredible music videos that showcase her creativity through another outlet. She’ll no doubt introduce this at her BUKU set. Just imagine, Yaeji working her magic in this Float Den:

Yaeji shares her love of music not only by pouring her soul into her art, but by bridging other talented musicians to her audience and platforms. As a result, her once small gathering of friends and fellow music-lovers has exploded into a full-on Yaeji and Friends experience, where tickets sold out in mere minutes. It’s amazing to think it all began with Curry No Hurry, her signature parties where she provided Japanese curry and new tracks. I’m still holding out hope that she’ll have some curry on hand at BUKU, but in the meantime, my Spotify will be a nonstop stream of Yaeji for the next three weeks (as if I could listen to her more than I already do).

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