Best Songs For Your Christmas In July Playlist

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! With the sweltering heat and everyone going to the beach, what screams Christmas more than July? This ironic holiday is a fun excuse to celebrate. Kick off your shoes, put your feet in the sand, and let the jingle bell rock. This list is for those who are tired of traditional Christmas songs. I’ve gathered five newer Christmas songs from the 2020s that must be on your playlists regardless of the season.

“The Holiday” by Bryce Vine

“The Holiday” was released around the end of October 2021. Despite how it sounds, this song has nothing to do with the 2004 film of the same name. Bryce Vine takes his time on this track to lament his failed relationship around Christmas. It comes off as that toxic ex who texts you out of the blue and tries to rekindle something. The instrumental features a low-key pop groove with hints of dancehall. Not super Christmas-y, but everything else checks off the box.


Speaking of feeling lonesome on Christmas and missing old flames, we’ve got Tiller‘s “lonely christmas”. This song was released just a month after our last entry as the lead single for his A Different Christmas EP. The acoustic guitar and snare drums give the track a campfire sing-along feel. Despite the inherent loneliness of the song, it feels pretty cozy. All three singers do their thing here, but my highlight is Poo Bear. He goes all out with his voice and contrasts the stripped-back production nicely.

“Night Before Christmas” by Sam Smith

Switching gears to a bittersweet tune, we have “Night Before Christmas” by Sam Smith. This track was dropped amidst the popularity of “Unholy” so it largely flew under the radar. The instrumental keeps it simple, letting Smith’s vocals take center stage. In this song, they tell us about love and how important it is during the holidays. These elements combine to make a super cozy song. You can feel the warmth Smith is feeling from their love. It makes you want to curl up by the fireplace and just smile.

“Nights In December” by Tkay Maidza

We’re keeping the tempo up in these last few entries. Australian talent Tkay Maidza dropped this sweet little bop around the same time as Sam Smith last year. This time, Maidza gives us this funky reverb beat to backdrop her festive song. She tells us about the feelings she had running around NYC during Christmas time with a new relationship. It is a delight to hear the holiday glee and puppy love.

“A Nonsense Christmas” by Sabrina Carpenter

It has had a stint on TikTok and Billboard, and has a reputation for its constantly changing outro. What if I told you it has a holiday remix? Despite this song coming out nearly seven months ago and being a Christmas song, it still plays in my head on repeat to this day. It is undeniably catchy, with loads of funny one-liners. The instrumental remains the same except for the added sleigh bells, but it’s great regardless.

That’s our list! What’s your favorite modern Christmas song? Let us know, and we’ll see you soon!

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