banks is back


this is not a drill

BANKS is back with her first release since she put out her single “Skinnydipped” in August 2021.

The “Gemini Feed” singer teased her newest single on TikTok and Instagram last week, on February 3rd. She left fans wondering when she would be releasing the track, until February 11th when she announced the release date. FINALLY, the wait is over.

Her new track “Holding Back”, which was released today, is full of her usual synth-like and dark R&B vocals.


It’s been a while since we got an album out of BANKS, but don’t worry, a new one is on the way. The “Goddess” singer left fans speculating on whether or not she would be releasing an album after she released her music video for her single “The Devil” on June 16, 2021.

The music video included a shot of a license plate that had the word ‘Serpentina’ on it and fans were sure this was going to be the title of her next album. Turns out, they were completely right.

BANKS’ new album which is set to be released on April 8, 2022, is infact titled “Serpentina“.

Her last album, III, was released in 2019, so it’s safe to say that fans have waited long enough. The artist claims that this is her most honest album yet.

I’m almost more into my raw voice than I’ve ever been before. My animal self is free in this album. It’s me at my core.


The full tracklist for the album has been released. The 13-track album features a song with Samoht, which might be the song that I’m looking forward to hearing the most. I imagine that Samoht’s bass-heavy, jazz, blues and R&B vibe must mix well with BANKS’.

Give this woman the love she deserves and go listen to her new single and then count down the days until she releases the whole album!

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